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Harvard for a Trump? Not a bad thing at all.

I want to re-up my subscription to the New York Times but our new President says it doesn't like him and it should go out of business and all their workers will be unemployed because of it. #JobsCandidate  #ConfusedinSealy #ButThereIsNothingNewAboutThat  



Iran Jails 12 Models For “Vice” After Merely Modeling Clothes

by jonathanturley
220px-HijabsWe have yet another example of Islamic Sharia "law" after an Iranian court eight female modes and four male models to jail for simply modeling clothes. Declaring such standard pictures as unIslamic and "vice," the models were sentenced to periods ranging from one year to six years.




Poll: Americans Favor Keeping Air Force One and Cancelling Trump


Bob Dole's law firm earned $140K for Taiwan lobbying, paving way for Trump phone call

Dec 7, 2016, 9:11 am CST

Accusers won't travel again for rape trial delayed by no-show defense lawyer; judge acquits

Dec 7, 2016, 7:45 am CST


My little Wednesday morning friend showed up all dressed up for her  photo shoot.


Top state court won't review overturned $1M sanction against med-mal lawyer

Dec 6, 2016, 4:17 pm CST


Prosecutor's office paid ransom to regain access to its computers; international network busted

The District Attorney’s office in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, paid nearly $1,400 in bitcoin to get access to its computer network, held hostage by criminals using an international computer malware ring known as the Avalanche.
Court documents unsealed Monday referred to a ransom payment by a Pennsylvania prosecutor’s office, and Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala confirmed the reference was to his office, report the Associated and
The U.S. Justice Department announced arrests and searches in four countries Monday as part of a international law enforcement operation targeting the Avalanche infrastructure. Cybercriminals used Avalanche in schemes involving malware for ransom, stolen banking passwords and laundering of money collected in malware attacks. A press release is here.
Zappala said his office’s computers became infected and encrypted when an employee clicked on a link in an email, which installed the malware. The link appeared to go back to a legitimate government agency.
U.S. Attorney Soo Song spoke about the operation in a press briefing. “This is the first time that we have aimed to and achieved the destruction of a criminal cyber infrastructure while disrupting all of the malware systems that relied on it to do harm,” Song said. “If Avalanche was the bridge that allowed malware to proliferate around the world, through this operation we seized control of the bridge and imploded it.”





Accusers won't travel again for rape trial delayed by no-show defense lawyer; judge acquits

A judge in Pennsylvania has acquitted two men accused of rape after their accusers told prosecutors they wouldn’t travel again from Ohio for resumption of the trial, which was delayed after a defense lawyer failed to show up in court last month.
The trial of Ricardo Campbell and Dwayne Facey had been scheduled to resume Dec. 5, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. Judge Philip Ignelzi acquitted the defendants after the prosecutor said the women indicated “they couldn’t bear it again.”
Testimony in the case had begun in the summer. The alleged victims said they had made the trip from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh seven times during the case, and there wouldn’t be an eighth time.
Lawyer Chris Urbano had said he was unable to make the Nov. 22 court date because was in North Carolina and was unable to get a flight back, according to the article.
Ignelzi held a contempt hearing the day after Urbano didn’t appear and ordered the lawyer jailed. Urbano was released after five days in jail as a result of an agreement that he receive drug, alcohol and behavior evaluations. A February review hearing is scheduled in the contempt case.


Top state court won't review overturned $1M sanction against med-mal lawyer

Pennsylvania Supreme Court
The Supreme Court Chamber in the Pennsylvania State Capitol building. Nagel Photography /
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court won’t consider a case seeking to reinstate a nearly $1 million sanction against a lawyer accused of eliciting banned testimony at a medical malpractice trial.
The court denied the appeal Monday, leaving in place an appellate decision that overturned the sanction against lawyer Nancy Raynor, the Legal Intelligencer (sub. req.) reports.
Raynor was accused of eliciting banned testimony about a deceased patient’s history of smoking when she asked her medical expert at the 2012 trial whether the woman had any risk factors for heart disease. Raynor represented the defense in the suit against emergency room doctors who failed to tell the patient that X-rays had detected a nodule on her lung.
The appellate-level Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled in June that there was no proof that Raynor intentionally sought testimony about smoking. Nor was there “any evidence of collusion, intrigue, or wrongful purpose on the part of Ms. Raynor,” the superior court said.
Raynor was also ordered to pay $45,000 in fees and costs for pressuring a witness in the same trial. The Pennsylvania Superior Court upheld that sanction in a November opinion.




The warmest autumn on record: US forecasters reveal it was over 4 degrees hotter than the 20th century average

  • Contiguous US was 4.1°F above the 20th century average from Sept-Nov
  • It has now passed the previous warmest autumn on record, set last year
  • And, November was the second warmest since scientists began keeping track
  • Month also saw higher than normal wildfire activity and increase in tornadoes

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

More Liz

Wish they would hurry up and finish developing that chip that tells you precisely when you will die.  It could affect my gift giving this Christmas...and my travel plans.

Does anyone else worry that someday we won't be able to block Trump's tweets?


Dallas News · 1 day ago



Pentagon Study Shows $125 Billion In Waste That Can Be Cut . . . Pentagon Promptly Buries Study

by jonathanturley
300px-The_Pentagon_January_2008On this blog, we have often discussed and lamented how billions are wasted in the government, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan, without the slightest accountability of officials or serious reforms. The problem is especially prominent in the military. Now, the Washington Post has acquired an internal study that found $125 billion in waste from bloated staff to needless redundancies. The response of the Defense Department in the Obama Administration was swift and firm . . . it buried the report so neither Congress nor the media would see it. It is good to see that our bureaucrats can still move aggressively when called to action.

Pelosi: “I Don’t Think People Want A New Direction”

by jonathanturley
220px-nancy_pelosiWe recently discussed how Democrats seeking the removal of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were called "sexist" for merely seeking change after the disastrous 2016 election. Democratic leaders engineered the primary selection of Hillary Clinton despite polls showing that voters did not want an establishment figure and had deep seated misgivings about Clinton's honestly and integrity. One of those leaders who has been most criticized over the years has been Nancy Pelosi. However, democratic members overwhelmingly elected Pelosi again as minority leader in what was seen as a slap in the face of those who want to see serious change in the party. Within a couple days of her reelection, Pelosi went on the air to declare that everyone is wrong and people really do not want a new direction. They want the same leadership like her to pursue the very same course that has led to historic losses under her leadership in the House. The question is whether the obvious anger inside and outside the party will galvanize into continued opposition. The establishment seems to be betting on people forgetting about serious reforms or wanting other options than the current duopoly of power held by the Republicans and Democrats. Retaining the very same leadership in both parties may be just what reformers had hoped: a clear signal that any changes in Washington will require the continuation of the popular movement seen in the last election.


Texas lawmakers push bipartisan effort for tax-free tampons
Six legislators have filed bills to eliminate sales tax on all female health supplies that are sold for menstrual cycle hygiene.



The Brief: Demand for undocumented labor, drugs rampant across country

Although the Texas Legislature spent nearly $800 million on a border security apparatus, the demand for cheap labor and illegal drugs continues to spread.  

The Rio Grande between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez.
The Rio Grande between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez.  Ivan Pierre Aguirre for The Texas Tribune


Texans could get free concealed carry licenses

A new measure would let gun owners carry weapons openly or concealed without first obtaining a license.

Suit claims Texas state bar board maintains unconstitutional 'quota scheme' for four of its members

Dec 5, 2016, 2:50 pm CST




“Congrats! !”
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New green background paper arrived yesterday.  Blue today.  Good times in photography studio recalibrating everything


I guess this matters to some... (Venerable law firm no matter the name)



Former Judge Faith Johnson Appointed as Dallas County DA

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed former district judge Faith Johnson as Dallas County's new district attorney, replacing Susan Hawk, who resigned from office in September after a long battle with mental illness. READ MORE »


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