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How come so many singer/song writers don't want Trump using their song for his campaign?  Can't his expert staff find one that is ok with it?

Oh so this is how it feels.  First day in months that I'm wearing clothes that fit.  Thank you Norton Ditto.

People don't believe that in the 1960's rich people paid 90% income tax rate.  There were PLENTY of rich people then even with that rate and more importantly there were PLENTY of middle class and lower class people who had money too!  It wasn't even called socialism, it was just what made our country strong and prosperous. We even went to the moon.

Turns out I am too many degrees removed from Kevin Bacon to be relevant in today's society.

Denim sales are dropping being replaced by yoga pants.  Problem for me as my clothing store doesn't know what yoga pants are.

If you don't vote, you are voluntarily giving up a lot of your power to stupid people you don't like.

Thinking of putting up a sign in my waiting room that says "If you are here to ask if some activity is legal,  It is not.  Pay the receptionist $50 please."


Former police chief gets time, another takes plea for using stun gun on compliant inmates

Oct 14, 2015, 3:20 pm CDT


from my pal Dan Beto's blog


Chinese food anyone?  Golden Pagoda in Bellville. Click it

Dubious achievement. New York leads the nation in shielding police misconduct, a broad new 50-state survey finds. State law there even prohibits judges from engaging in a balancing test to consider public interest in a particular misconduct case. And the Empire State is hardly alone; 22 other states, and the District of Columbia, shield police disciplinary reports and other material from public view. Only 12 states have “open” access to such records. With a helpful map. WNYC


Wounded cops awarded more than $5M in suit against gun shop

Oct 14, 2015, 8:16 am CDT



Man is accused of posing as client and shocking lawyer with specialty cane

A former child-custody litigant is accused of posing as an elderly client and using a cane with a built-in shocking device last Thursday to assault a Maine lawyer involved in his case.
Christopher Hall, 48, of Waterboro, is accused of attacking the female lawyer as she got out of her car in Arundel Thursday evening, report the Portland Press Herald, the Bangor Daily News and WCSH6. Police initially said Hall used a cattle prod on the lawyer, but investigators examining the device said it was a cane sold to seniors for their protection.
The lawyer is a mediator who had worked on a child custody case that involved Hall.
Police said Hall shocked the lawyer on her thighs and put his hand to her mouth. She fought back, knocking off a wig that Hall was wearing, police said. The assailant jumped into the passenger seat of a van that left the scene. The lawyer was taken to a hospital where she was treated and released.
York County Sheriff William King Jr., told the Press Herald that the lawyer’s response to the attack may have surprised the assailant. “I don’t think he expected her to fight back as much as she did,” he said.


Lawyer opens up about his criminal past as a heroin dealer

Oct 14, 2015, 5:45 am CDT

I use this:
Founded in 2009, Square aimed to reinvent payment processing with the help of a small piece of hardware that processes credit card transactions.
Square, the Mobile Payments Company, Discloses I.P.O. Plans


The company - headed by Jack Dorsey, also Twitter's chief - has aimed to reinvent payment processing for small and medium-size businesses.
. Twitter Names Omid Kordestani as Executive Chairman




Former House Speaker Hastert will plead guilty in hush money case, his lawyers say

Oct 15, 2015, 10:00 am CDT

Law grad seeks to take the bar exam despite conviction for sex-related offenses in 1998

Oct 15, 2015, 6:15 am CDT

Former police chief gets time, another takes plea for using stun gun on compliant inmates

A former small-town Louisiana police chief was sentenced Tuesday to a year and a day in jail after pleading guilty earlier this year to a federal civil rights violation involving excessive use of force on inmates.
Meanwhile, another man who replaced Gregory Dupuis, 57, as chief of police in Mamou took a plea on Tuesday to deprivation of rights under color of law in the Western District of Louisiana case.
Both Dupuis and Robert McGee, 44, were accused by the feds in a series of incidents in which Mamou jail inmates were allegedly shocked with electronic stun guns for disruptive behavior even if they did not pose a physical threat or were calm and collected at the time of the punishment, according to a U.S. Department of Justice news release. McGee, who subsequently became chief of the Mamou department, was still a police officer there at the time of the crimes.
“The defendants abused the trust given to them as law enforcement officers when they engaged in a pattern of repeatedly tasing compliant detainees,” said Vanita Gupta, who heads the DOJ’s civil rights division, in the release. “The Justice Department will vigorously prosecute those who violate the civil rights laws to ensure that the rights of all individuals, including those in custody, are protected.”
Gupta serves in the division as a principal deputy assistant attorney general.
Hat tip: Reuters


Fired prosecutor sues in effort to get Dallas DA removed from office

Oct 14, 2015, 2:20 pm CDT

Secret to my happiness



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