Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Car

Very intense time as I begin to  select my 2015 model of the year for an award. They seem to treasure the coffee cup with their picture on it.  (Admittedly some of the interest may have been generated by my mentioning the possibility of a new car).


Forty Percent of Millennials Favor Censorship of Offensive Speech By Government

Freedom_of_SpeechWe have long discussed the rapid decline of free speech protections in the West. I have long argued that the West appears to have fallen out of love with free speech, which is more often viewed as a rising scourge rather than a defining value in some countries. A recent poll of the Pew Research Center shows just how many people we have lost to those calling for greater censorship and criminalization of speech. It is not surprisingly more prevalent with younger age groups, though Democrats are almost twice as likely favor censorship that Republicans. The largest (and most alarming) group is the millennials — 40% of whom favor government censorship of speech offensive to minority groups.


Trump Retweets Wildly Inaccurate Figures on The Rate of Blacks Killing Whites

495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreThere have been an uptick in stories challenging statements made by presidential candidate Donald Trump such as his account of watching thousands of people cheering the destruction of the Twin Towers in New Jersey. One such factual dispute comes from a retweet on Trump’s account that shows dark-skinned man wearing a bandana, a dark shirt and military-style pants and holding a handgun sideways. The image is accompanied by the rather surprising figures based on an unknown source called “Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco” on murders committed by blacks versus whites. It is an example of why retweets can be so dangerous.



Ahmed Mohamed Seeking $15 Million in Damages

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A photo of Irving teenager Ahmed Mohamed being taken into custody has gone viral.
A photo of Irving teenager Ahmed Mohamed being taken into custody has gone viral.
IRVING — Attorneys for the family of Ahmed Mohamed, the Irving high school student who made headlines after being arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, have sent letters to the city of Irving and the Irving School District demanding apologies and $15 million in damages.
Both letters claim that Mohamed's civil rights were violated, and he and his family have suffered physical and mental anguish because of the ordeal.
The letters claim Ahmed was singled out "because of his race, national origin, and religion."
"Ahmed never threatened anyone, never caused harm to anyone, and never intended to," read the letter to the city. "The only one who was hurt that day was Ahmed, and the damages he suffered were not because of oversight or incompetence. The school and city officials involved knew what they needed to do to protect Ahmed's rights. They just decided not to do it."
The letters demand $10 million be paid to the family by the city of Irving, and $5 million from the school district.
The family also wants written apologies from Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne, "acknowledging that she has never been presented with any evidence that Ahmed was a 'pawn' in any 'civilization jihad' or that the events here were planned by Ahmed's family or friends as part of an 'influence operation.'"
They also want apologies from the school district, as well as Police Chief Larry Boyd, saying Mohamed "never intended to threaten anyone, and that his detention, interrogation and arrest were wrongful and were made at a point in time when there was no reasonable suspicion to believe that Ahmed had committed a crime or was about to commit any crime."
The family's attorney ends the letters by saying civil action will be filed if the demands are not met within 60 days.


Israeli Police Officer Who Brutally Beat American Teenager Is Given Just 45 Days Community Service

140705-tariq-abu-khdeir_d9e4791a5703b6a982fa70b12116a29aThe Obama Administration has responded critically to the decision from an Israeli court to give an Israeli border police officer just community service for his entirely unjustified attack on an American teenager. Tariq Khdeir, 15, a Palestinian-American, was beaten by the officer, whose name has been withheld by the courts to avoid any further repercussions for him or his family. The beating was filmed after the officer caught the teenager near a riot in East Jerusalem in July 2014. Despite this evidence (and no evidence of just cause) the Israeli court gave the officer just 45 days of community service and a suspended prison term of four months.

Increased security in front of the Louvre museum in Paris on Monday.
Paris Attacks Spur Emergency Edict and Intense Policing in France


With expanded police powers extended for three more months, some, particularly Muslims, question whether the loss of liberties is appropriate.


Ron Clark, left, chief supply officer; Ben Simon, center, chief executive officer; and Ben Chesler, chief operating officer, in Imperfect Produce's warehouse in Emeryville, Calif., last month.
Getting Ugly Produce Onto Tables So It Stays Out of Trash


A start-up in California hopes steep discounts on fruits and vegetables that are traditionally discarded can entice buyers and prevent food waste.


Saudi Arabia Sentences Poet To Death For Being An Atheist and Insulting The Country

1911We have long discussed our close alliance with Saudi Arabia despite that country’s denial of the most fundamental human rights for women, non-Muslims, journalists, and political dissidents. While the State Department continues to vaguely reference “reforms” in the Kingdom, the Saudi Sharia courts and religious police continue to generate shocking medieval cases where people are flogged or executed for exercising free thought or associations. The latest outrage is the death sentence given Ashraf Fayadh, a Palestinian poet and leading member of Saudi Arabia’s contemporary art scene. He has been sentenced to death for renouncing Islam, being an atheist (which he denies) and insulting Saudi Arabia. Many view his real offense as being his embarrassment of the infamous religious police (mutaween) in Abha after he posted a video of their lashing a man in public. As is often the case in the pseudo, “courts” of Saudi Arabia, he was denied counsel and any real opportunity to present a defense.



California's bar pass rate is at a 29-year low; these states also saw a drop

Nov 24, 2015, 8:35 am CST

Prosecutors and PDs will share in $18M equal-pay settlement

Nov 24, 2015, 6:15 am CST




Belgium authorities ask for Internet silence on police ops; Twitterverse responds with cat memes

Nov 23, 2015, 4:05 pm CST


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