Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Agreeing with anything Dick Cheney says makes me suspicious of myself.

Veterans.  Congress no long functions unless we pay them a little under the table.  Perhaps the way to help veterans is for our country to hire a corporation to do so.  That way lobbyists could give our congressman their money under the table.  The corporation would be paid $50,000 per veteran to dole out $500 assistance per veteran. Murica.

Proper vetting?  Just new words I suspect.  It's obvious many Americans should have never been allowed to leave the hospital at birth as they grow up to be a real threat to our freedoms.  A lot of these suspicious individuals end up in Congress for example.

Priorities. Maybe we should divert the billions spent on our ridiculous war on drugs and put those resources toward protecting us from our real enemies?

I think the problem is that there is no profit in taking care of

 veterans. Congress would have no problem paying a 

defense contractor to take care of them (for a profit of 


Fox said to be considering hiring Kim Kardashian as news anchor.

I really need bigger dreams. Right now all I want is my hair braided.

Obama Speech Heavily Criticized By People with No Better Ideas

“My no new ideas will be much tougher than his no new ideas, you better believe it,” Donald Trump said.


Living on the edge. I just googled "what is the difference between ISIS and ISIL".  Minutes later I got a knock on the door and four FBI agents offered to explain it to me at gun point.

Trump's bad mouthing about a billion+  people on planet Earth can endanger the lives of our military stationed around the world.  He needs to quit and go build some more buildings.

How long do we have to obey a cop's screaming demands before they can shoot us?  If you are like me, when a person of authority screams loudly at you while pointing a gun at your head, it takes me a while to process what he is saying due to the fact I am concentrating on what is happening in my shorts.

Keeping us safe?  How is unnecessarily making 1/4 of the world's population angry at us can possibly be construed as a way of keeping us safe?


Trump Supporters Disappointed He Only Wants to Ban One Religion

“Saying you’re only going to ban Muslims when there are so many other religious groups to ban just feels like politics as usual.”




New Jersey Woman Charged After Dashcam Contradicts Her Charge That Officer Pulled Gun On Her At Traffic Stop

by jonathanturley
120615-st-pqpeccooWe often discuss the transformative role of video technology on the prosecution of police abuse, particularly the ubiquitous presence of cellphones with video capability. However, this is not a one way street. The technology also clears some officers rather than implicates them in crimes. One such case is the controversy at a traffic stop in New Jersey after Hyacinth Peccoo, 50, of Irvington, accused Officer Daniel Caffrey of yelling and pulling a gun on her. A dash cam video not only showed that Caffrey not only did not do so but actually appeared to cut her a break on a violation.


Michael Miceli is among the 12,000 students who are being charged $300 per semester for a mandatory plan to use campus dining facilities at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Meal Plan Costs Tick Upward as Students Pay for More Than Food


Universities are embracing lucrative deals with dining contractors to help pay for campus improvements, but critics say students often pay for them in the rising costs of meal plans.
So we continue to make it harder and harder for young people  who want to improve themselves and thereby help our country. Simply not smart. Remember they are our future, our most valuable asset.




Alaska Airline Employees Videotaped Tossing Bags In Caber-Like Competition

by jonathanturley
Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 11.45.09 PMAlaska Airlines in San Jose International airport has a bit of a problem after its employees were filmed throwing suitcases on a concrete war in a contest akin to tossing the caber. In this case it was a rolling bag, but the concept appears the same.

Justice Dept. Plans to Investigate Chicago Police After Laquan McDonald Case


The department has had longstanding concerns about the Chicago police, but the current inquiry revolves around the scant details that were given after the shooting of the 17-year-old in 2014.


Arrest warrant issued for retired lawyer accused of stealing from disabled client

Dec 4, 2015, 3:05 pm CST



High Court: Texas Death Row Inmate Can't Add Lawyer

Robert Roberson III is a Texas death row inmate.
Robert Roberson III is a Texas death row inmate.
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied Texas death row inmate Robert Roberson III's petition to add another attorney to his court-appointed team.
Roberson has one more shot at delaying his execution with a petition arguing his rights were violated at trial.
Roberson, on death row for killing his two-year-old daughter in 2002, argues that his right to due process was violated when his trial judge did not allow an expert to testify about mental lapses caused by a brain injury Roberson suffered.
During the appeals process, Roberson sought new attorneys, saying his appointed ones, Seth Kretzer and Wes Volberding, were ineffective and had conflicts of interest that prevented them from fully fighting for him. He went to Texas Defender Service, whose attorneys filed a petition with the Supreme Court asking it to order a lower court to appoint a third attorney. The court denied the request Monday.
Attorney Lee Kovarsky said he and his Texas Defender Service team are trying to determine what to do next.
"The Supreme Court denies certiorari review in 98 percent of cases," he said, "and many of those orders denying review have nothing to do with the merits of underlying argument."
While that since-denied request was still before the court, Roberson's original attorneys entered another petition into the record. Kretzer filed a petition Wednesday asking the court to send Roberson's case back to trial because of his expert being unable to testify. Attorneys for the state of Texas have until Jan. 4 to respond to the petition.
Kretzer said his petition is "a real argument on which Mr. Roberson has a substantial chance of relief," and "those arguments are the ones that were developed and about which there was evidence." The petition is also is likely Roberson's last chance in the appeals process to avoid execution, Kretzer said. A clemency petition would be the next and final resort if the Supreme Court denies this second plea, he said.
Kovarsky said he hopes Kretzer's petition has a better outcome than his own.
"We only care about the client, so we hope that the certiorari petition filed last week is successful," Kovarsky said. 

Agreeing with anything Dick Cheney says makes me suspicious of myself.


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