Sunday, December 20, 2015


Politics really a rough business. If they put my candidate in jail I may not vote for him unless assured he can pardon himself. Though even  Nixon didn't think a President could do that. Nixon would not even pardon his VP out of prison.   And Clinton still can't believe lying  about oral sex is a crime and is a cornerstone of the reason why our Judicial system needs revamping.

SNL - Gotta love Bruce Springsteen - Nice of Paul McCartney to back him up.

Employment Opportunity in Sealy for law student or newly 

licensed atty. Help an old man out. Bilingual preferred. PM me.

How safe are we really?  Apparently a flock of pigeons can take down an airplane. Much cheaper than anti-aircraft guns.   So can a cell phone (otherwise they would have let us use our cell phone before they figured out a way of charging us for it).   An emailed bomb threat immediately grounds Boeing 747's. A $2.00 laser light blinds pilots. A teenager with a keyboard pries into anything he wants on the internet.  Safe?  I think we are hanging on by a string and some gum.


No stinkin' warrant needed these days.  Drug war saw to it that we get used to just rolling over on our freedoms that soldiers died to protect.





New York Times Removes Quote From President Obama Explaining His Lack of Initial Response To Massacres On A Need To Watch More Cable News

by jonathanturley
220px-Nytimes_hqPresident_Barack_ObamaThere is a bizarre story out of the New York Times where the newspaper printed an astonishing statement by President Obama that was immediately picked up by journalists and then removed by the newspapers under a claim that it was trimmed for space. The newspaper said that President Obama defended his criticized laid-back response to the Paris and San Bernardino massacred to not watching enough cable television. It was the most newsworthy part of the fairly generic article and yet it quickly disappeared as social media lit up with criticism of the President.


New York Taxi Driver Fined For Refusing To Allow Woman To Ride In Front Seat Due To His Islamic Beliefs

by jonathanturley
Taxicabs_of_New_York_CityTamsir Drammeh, a New York cabbie, has been hit with a $350 fine after he refused to allow a mother to sit in the front seat after she and her family piled into his cab at Penn Station. Drammeh reportedly said that the husband could sit in the front seat but that having a woman in the sit would violate Islamic values.

Magic Carpet Bombing? Poll Shows Surprising Number of People Want To Bomb Agrabah

by jonathanturley
250px-Robinwilliams_aladdin220px-B-2_spirit_bombingA poll by the Democratic Public Policy Polling outfit found that30 percent of Republicans support the bombing of Agrabah. The only problem is that agrabah is the fictional home of Aladdin. Of course, few would sympathize with Jafar, Grand Vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah (particularly after his horrible conduct in the Cave of Wonders), there are other rather cute cartoon characters in Agrabah who should not be vaporized in the war on terror. Yet, the bombing of Agrabah seems almost tame when candidates are calling for thekilling of the families of terrorists or pledging that, if they are allowed to go back in time, they would strangle the baby Hitler.

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