Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wait. Can I say that?

So many important issues for Americans. I for one want to make educated opinions and help my country  which is why I enrolled in a college course studying The Voice.  After all...this is what is important to us.  The rest of the world could learn a lot  from us.  I may minor in Kardashian. 

The future of America is in our schools which is just a nice way of saying we are screwed.

The Donald has no real interest in helping people.  He just writes them off as "losers".  Sounds like a very caring person.....NOT. I've had enough of mean people. I think, in the end, THEY are 'losers' and we should try to help them...but not elect them President.  Mental counseling perhaps?

Rumor Flash.  Trump developing stun gun that detects losers and automatically fires at us between the eyes and puts us on a Not Allowed List for any reality styled television show.

As a lawyer, of course, I am trained not to have a final 

opinion until the check clears. Wait. Can I say that?

Dear Congressman/Senator

I'm old but still have a little passion in my life for food, 

photography, travel, reading, golf, blogging, facebook and 

women.   Could you back off for a little while and not make 

any more criminal laws relating to those activities? 


p.s.  It's ok to make work a crime.

I didnt think we were suppose to French kiss Muslims.

Odd. Coincidence that nine drones are hovering over my house minutes after I posted this? Worse the food police are knocking at my door saying they have a warrant to search for lard and white flour.


It’s highly likely that Donald Trump will call his attorney a “loser” after this fiasco.



Top News
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
Bowe Bergdahl to Face Court-Martial on Desertion Charges


The charges against Sergeant Bergdahl stemmed from his decision to leave his outpost in Afghanistan, prompting a huge search and landing him in Taliban captivity.


Thai Mechanic Faces 37 Years For “Liking” Spoof Photo Of King’s Dog

by jonathanturley
220px-Rama_IX_of_Thailand_and_Barack_Obama,_2012_croppedOur close Asian ally, Thailand, continues to crush both free speech and political dissent under its draconian criminal code. Mechanic Thanakorn Siripaiboon, 27, is facing a potential of 37 years for allegedly insult King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 88, by "liking" a humorous photoshopped photo of the King's dog and passing it along to his over 600 "friends." That's all it take in Thailand to face 37 years in jail . . . insulting the King's dog. It is all part of what is called lèse-majesté governing royal insults but this is the first known extension of the law to royal pets.


Of course, if you do anything....you violate some law

Thomas Reynolds, a former communications director at the Environmental Protection Agency, moved to add political campaign-style tactics to the agency's public relations operation.
E.P.A. Broke Law With Social Media Push for Water Rule, Auditor Finds


The agency essentially became a lobbyist for its clean-water cause by directing people to advocacy organizations, the Government Accountability Office said.
. Critics Hear E.P.A.'s Voice in 'Public Comments' (May 2015)


Officer William G. Porter, center, leaving the courthouse Monday with his case in the hands of jurors.
First Trial in Freddie Gray Case Goes to the Jury


In the closing arguments in the trial of Officer William G. Porter, the prosecutor held up a bloody seatbelt, and a defense lawyer urged jurors to put facts before emotion.


Preacher In Northern Ireland Arrested For Calling Islam Satanic In Sermon

by jonathanturley
wesley_preach_470x352We have been discussion how England has seen the rise of calls for speech prosecutions. The trend appears to be accelerating underDavid Cameron. While seen across Europe, this trend has been especially pronounced free speech rights in the Westin England ( hereand here and here and here and hereand here and here and here and hereand here and here). In one of the most vivid examples of the decline of free speech in England, an evangelical preacher named James McConnell, 78, from Northern Ireland has been charged criminally for calling Islam "satanic." The preacher is charged with spreading a "grossly offensive" message for what should be considered (and protected) as religious and political speech.
Read more of this post


Obama Administration Fights To Withhold Over 2,000 Photos Of Alleged U.S. Torture and Abuse

by jonathanturley
abu-ghraibPresident Obama once pledged that his government would be the most transparent in history -- a claim that is often mocked by civil libertarians and other critics who accuse him of almost Nixonian secrecy policies and inclinations. That troubling record is playing out again before U.S District Court Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The Administration continues to fight to withhold over 2,000 images of torture and abuse of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan simply because it would make the United States look bad. Ironically, there is a transparent element to this case. Few Administration have been so transparently obvious in their use of classification rule to simply bar the disclosure of information that would be embarrassing to officials or the government. Usually, the Justice Department attempts to spin a tale of some other national security rationale for non-disclosure. Here, however, there is nothing even plausible to come up with. The Obama Administration simply wants to deep six the photos because people would be really angry if they saw what the government did, including photos that are believed to be far worse than those Abu Ghraib (like the one above).


The Brief: Hispanic Conservatives Sound Warning on Cruz

by Madlin Mekelburg and John Reynolds | Dec. 15, 2015
Sen. Ted Cruz at the Republican debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Nov. 10, 2015.

The Big Conversation

Heading into tonight's GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz could have a new problem with which to contend: the disapproval of a group of Hispanic conservative leaders who fear Cruz could be more alienating with his stance on immigration than Donald Trump.
The group of Latino Republicans met on Monday with officials from Cruz's campaign in a private meeting where they learned Cruz supports the idea of "attrition through enforcement," where policies are put in place that make undocumented individuals voluntarily leave the country without major legislation passed by the government.  
The Tribune's Patrick Svitek writes:
"The position, [Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the American Principles Project's Latino Partnership] later told reporters, is "perhaps even worse" than Donald Trump's plan for dealing with people already in the country illegally. The group has already said it could not support Trump as the GOP nominee due to his hardline immigration proposals, which have been characterized as amounting to mass deportation.
The group said they were surprised to hear the extreme position from Cruz's campaign, as Rev. Tony Suarez told Svitek, "We really need him to clarify because...we heard today for the first time as we've never heard from his campaign before." 
The Cruz camp stressed that the candidate was emphasizing that enforcing current immigration law remains his top priority. Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told Svitek, "Our legal immigration system is a mess because there’s a political unwillingness among politicians in Washington to enforce our laws."
Many Republican leaders have stressed the importance of making greater inroads among Hispanic voters after 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney registered just 27 percent support among that demographic group in a campaign that had him infamously suggest "self-deportation" as a way to deal with undocumented immigrants in this country.
The task facing Latino Republicans has become more difficult following incendiary language used by Trump to describe undocumented immigrants.
The Hispanic conservative leaders who spoke Monday emphasized the nation's need for a nominee from the Republican Party who could beat Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner. Svitek writes, "If past is prologue, they suggested, Cruz's immigration beliefs could be fatal in a general election."
"Self-deportation is a policy and political loser," Mario Lopez, president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, told Svitek. "You can ask President Mitt Romney all about what he thinks about self-deportation." 



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