Thursday, January 28, 2016

Teenagers' art.

Old People.  Please refrain from calling us before lunch.  We are all very busy looking for available early bird specials.

“As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge” – Henry van Dyke

If you are like Donald and I, you know  it's fun to pretend we are brave war heroes. 

What doctors don't tell you.  About 80% of whatever you have will go away on it's on.  Unless of course it doesn't.  Then it could kill you.

I may soon throw my support to Trump.  It's just a coincidence if  you soon see pictures of Ivanka on  my front porch.


Indiana Moves Toward Law Giving Police Departments The Right To Withhold Video From Police Body Cameras

by jonathanturley
legislator_kevin_mahan_1028bwc_leadAn Indiana House government committee voted unanimously to allow police departments to withhold video from police body cameras. Unanimously. These videotapes have resulted in arguably the single most effective deterrent of police abuse in the history of this country. However, Rep. Kevin Mahan (right) (R., Hartford City) wants to leave the release of the evidence at the discretion of the very department that often faces the greatest criticism and costs over such evidence.


Public health workers participated in a day of fumigation to stop spread of the Aedes aegypti mosquito in Caracas, Venezuela, on Thursday.
Zika Virus 'Spreading Explosively' in Americas, W.H.O. Says


Officials from the group announced that they would convene a meeting on Monday to decide whether to declare a public health emergency.
. How the Zika Virus Is Affecting Travel


Revised outlook for growth in lawyer jobs is glum

Jan 28, 2016, 8:29 am CST


Retired lawyer handled pro bono case, called opposing counsel 'lawyer babe,' ethics complaint says

Jan 28, 2016, 6:15 am CST


Oregon Commission Issues Scathing Report Supporting Removal Of Judge

by jonathanturley
Judge-Vance-Day-Facebook-800x430The Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability has issued a scathing recommendation for the removal of Marion County Circuit Judge Vance Day from the bench due to discriminately, unethical acts.
jonathanturley | 1, January 28, 2016 at 12:02 am | Categories: Constitutional LawCourtsPolitics | URL:


Roman Museum Covers Up Nude Works To Avoid Insulting Iranian President

by jonathanturley
220px-Capitoline_Venus_Musei_Capitolini_MC0409220px-Hassan_RouhaniThere was a very disturbing scene at Rome's famous Capitoline Museum recently during a joint press conference between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Italian Premeir Matteo Renzi. The museum had all of its nude sculptures covered up so not to insult the Islamic sensibilities of Rouhani and his staff. One of the statues was the “Capitoline Venus,” a Roman copy of a legendary fourth century B.C. work by Praxiteles. Ironically, it is piece that symbolized the modesty of Venus in covering up after a bath. Not modest enough, it appears, for the Iranians.


Psychic who bilked man out of $550K is sentenced to probation

Jan 27, 2016, 3:00 pm CST

Law license suspended for former St. Louis prosecutor who covered up assault of handcuffed suspect

Jan 27, 2016, 11:45 am CST

this prop should work.  why didint I think of that when i was at Binder gardens?


Thomas Tamm Hit With Bar Charges For Exposing The Warrantless Surveillance Program Under President Bush

by jonathanturley
Screen-Shot-2016-01-26-at-3.05.42-PM-640x712There is a disturbing proceeding unfolding before the the District of Columbia Office of Disciplinary Counsel where Thomas Tamm, a former U.S. Department of Justice lawyer who leaked information to the press about warrantless domestic spying under President George W. Bush, is facing legal ethics charges in Washington. Tamm is viewed as a hero by many in exposing the program, but even among his detractors there are those who view him as a whistleblower. The intervention of the DC Bar into the case is troubling given the various policy and legal questions over his status in exposing the program.



The Brief: Cruz Takes Frontrunner Role in Low Key Debate

by Jacob Sanchez and John Reynolds | Jan. 29, 2016
Presidential contender and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz at the Fox News - Google GOP debate in Des Moines, Iowa on Jan. 28, 2016.

The Big Conversation

Without Donald Trump on stage, the GOP presidential debateThursday night in Des Moines, Iowa, took a turn to the low key.
And, according to the Ted Cruz campaign, that was perfectly OK.
"If people tune in for WWE, I mean, they're not getting what they want," Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe told reporters after the debate, as reported by the Tribune’s Patrick Svitek. "But if you're a Republican caucus goer, that's, like, good stuff. You got to see a difference in economic policy, in foreign policy, in social priorities."
Trump, of course, had decided to skip the encounter, the final debate before Monday’s Iowa caucuses, after complaining that he would not get a fair shake from the moderators from Fox News.
Without his fellow frontrunner, Cruz took incoming fire for much of the encounter from Marco Rubio and also from Rand Paul.
Rubio said of Cruz, "We’re not going to beat Hillary Clinton with someone who will say or do anything to win an election," while Paul said Cruz has an “authenticity problem.”
“Trump's absence effectively made Cruz the frontrunner on the stage,” wrote Svitek, “and he seemed reluctant at times to engage too much with his lower-polling foes. Like he has done in a number of prior debates, though, he did find a convenient foil in the debate moderators, criticizing them for trying to get the candidates to attack each other.”


“Think Hard and Fast About Your Priorities”: Federal Judge Chastises Rep. Chaka Fattah For Not Paying His Criminal Defense Lawyers

by jonathanturley
Chaka_Fattah_official_headshotPennsylvania Democratic Rep. Chaka Fattah faced a rare tongue lashing from U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle III over the failure to pay his defense counsel in his corruption and racketeering trial. Judge Bartle snapped at Rep. Fattah to get “your priorities” straight.


Boston Police Sergeant Adopts Curious Defense To Allegedly Sending Explicit Picture of Himself To Teenage Girl

by jonathanturley
056c026d-1c66-4d42-9fae-a8e96df290c5-1020x925Boston Police Sergeant Edwin Guzman's lawyer has a curious defense to Guzman sending a photo of his penis to the sixteen-year-old daughter of a friend: "You can’t tell me someone her age has never seen a picture of a penis on the Internet."Hmmm, even if it were true, it is hard to see that particular approach resonating with a judge or jury.


Bruce Springsteen performing at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.
Review: Bruce Springsteen, Keeping an Eye on the Clock, at Madison Square Garden


The concert features a complete performance of "The River," the musician's 1979 double album.


When in Sealy, don't forget to check out our teenagers's art.

Bars, by city standards,  close early in Sealy


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