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Banned in 43 different states (for life); Sneaky

After all those winning speeches in New Hampshire, I'm so pumped.  Everything is going to be so great in America.  Think I'll quit my job in the morning and go on vacation the rest of my life and enjoy the fruits of the candidates' hard work.

And they accuse the Democrats of making stuff up: “A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Obamacare,” Cruz insisted today.

New Hampshire.  I'm told everyone will declare themselves a winner.  Not sure why the people are even voting.

Donald promises the world will respect us again....yet he's for more than torture.  Weird how he intends to get respect.  

Fiorina Cheers Self Up By Firing Campaign Staff

“Every failure is an opportunity, and in this case I had an opportunity to give some people the axe,” the former business executive said.



FBI Arrests Every Corrupt Politician In Texas City

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Five top officials in the Texas city were arrested Thursday under a federal indictment ...
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Supreme Court should make video of oral arguments available to public, ABA House urges


Judge bars release of anti-abortion group's undercover videos

Feb 9, 2016, 8:43 am CST


Report: Sanders Made $1,892 From Speeches In Comparison $153 Million for The Clintons

by jonathanturley
Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziBernieSandersIt is fascinating to watch the growing controversy over the Clinton speeches and the decision of the campaign to stick with its refusal to release the transcripts in its possession. Hillary Clinton last week appeared to finish "looking into" releasing the transcripts of her speeches Wall Street and other groups. A couple of voters and an army of reporters have been asking to read what Clinton has said to Wall Street and banking groups. After all, Clinton has said that she has only given Wall Street straight talk and that these firms stopped given her money. The latter statement has been called "demonstrably untrue" by the Washington Post. Clinton has thus far refused to release the transcripts and instead that she would only consider the release if everyone releases every speech ever given to any group. It certainly had a certain Macbethian feel of guaranteeing that the final reckoning will never come "Till Birnam forest come to Dunsinane." The problem is that Birnam forest did come to Dunsinane. The demand has already produced the world's worse comparison for Clinton. It turns out that Bernie Sanders has only given two paid speeches for $1,867.42. That is now being compared to the estimate that Bill and Hillary Clinton have made $153 million for speeches from 2001 to her announcement for the presidency. That's $1,867 versus $153 million. It is also being reported that Clinton was the one who insisted that the transcripts be made by her hosts and handed over to her total control. What I honestly do not understand is why the Clinton campaign continues to fit disclosures despite the failure of that strategy in prior scandals like the email scandal. It would seem inevitable that she will have to release the speeches but will now be viewed as fighting any review by the public. I am interested in whether people believe that this position will be sustainable in light of the worsening environment for Clinton in the primary.
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Federal judge issues 'order on ineptitude' in prosecutor benchslap

Feb 9, 2016, 7:59 am CST




Supreme Court should make video of oral arguments available to public, ABA House urges

At a time when the U.S. Supreme Court justices hand down plenty of divided decisions, there’s one subject they’re unanimous about: They don’t want cameras in their courtroom. Several have commented publicly about concerns that televising arguments would lead to misleading 30-second “soundbites” rather than an accurate and comprehensive presentation of the proceedings.
Nonetheless, the ABA’s House of Delegates voted Monday afternoon to urge the Supreme Court to allow cameras to record its oral arguments and make those recordings publicly available.
The Young Lawyers Division introduced Resolution 110 because it believes video would make the Supreme Court more accessible, said YLD delegate Andrew Schpak of Oregon. Schpak noted that only 260 people can sit in the Supreme Court’s gallery, and those people must be physically in Washington, D.C.
“It’s hard to sit down a kid with a 1,000-page transcript and tell him to read it and get excited about what he’s reading,” said Schpak, an attorney at Barran Liebman LLP in Portland.
Robert Weiner of Washington, D.C., spoke in opposition to the motion. To him, the top concern was avoiding anything that would adversely affect the workings of the high court, and the justices’ concerns about cameras are well-known. We already have a broadcast of the audio on C-SPAN, he noted.
“Would you perform better if everything you did, all your expressions, were on video?” asked Weiner, of the law firm of Arnold & Porter.
YLD delegate Myra McKenzie-Harris of Arkansas urged support of the amendment by noting that she didn’t learn to be a lawyer entirely from books.
“I read, I wrote, and most importantly, I watched more seasoned attorneys,” she said.
The resolution ultimately passed with strong support.


i think I know why this house sells for a little less than the neighbors' houses.

if it's your last day you won't need that shovel again

really good planning

ashley is back from California



Ted Nugent Unleashes Rabidly Anti-Semitic Rant Over Gun Control

by jonathanturley
220px-Ted_Nugent_2013Right-wing rocker Ted Nugent has never been the paragon of stability or reason. However, few were prepared for his raving attack on Jewish leaders who favor gun control. On his Facebook page, posted pictures of Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Charles Schumer, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and other leaders next to an Israeli flag under the banner "So who is really behind gun control?" The answer, according to Nugent, is the chillingly familiar: "the Jews." This controversy seems to mystify Nugent who later wrote "What sort of racist prejudiced POS could possibly not know that Jews for guncontrol are nazis in disguise?"


Two Tennessee Men Banned From Hunting For Life After Discovery of a Gruesome Killing Spree

by jonathanturley
635906117074141009-deer-3635906115313479865-deer-1Densibel Calzada, 23, and Eddy Albert, 21, have secured two distinctions in Tennessee. They have not only secured the harshest penalty ever issued by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency but they are generally viewed as this week's worst human beings in the state or possibly nationwide. The two men have been banned from hunting in Tennessee and 43 other states after they illegally killed as many as 40 deer. They added to that carnage with sickening videos mocking suffering or dead animals.

Copies of President Obama's 2017 budget in the Senate Budget Committee room on Tuesday.
Obama's Last Budget, and Last Budget Battle With Congress


The president submitted his last spending plan to a hostile Republican-led Congress. New initiatives include $19 billion for a cybersecurity plan.


Supreme Court Deals Blow to Obama's Efforts to Regulate Coal Emissions


The justices' willingness to issue a stay while the case proceeds was a hint that the emissions program could face a skeptical reception.




Clinton Supporters Create “HillaryClintonSpeeches” Site That Misdirects People Researching The Wall Street Speech Controversy

by jonathanturley
Hillary_for_America_2016_logo.svgHillary_for_America_2016_logo.svgBernie Sanders has repeatedly warned his supporters that they are up against the biggest political machine in the country with the Clintons and expressly criticized Hillary Clinton for her PAC and association with "attack dog" David Brock. However, one of the biggest liabilities facing Clinton is her continuing refusal to release the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street and other groups. One solution appears to be snare anyone searching Hillary Clinton's speeches. An unknown group of Clinton supporters has created a clearly misleading site called"HillaryClintonspeeches" that comes up whenever someone tries to search the controversies. What they find is not a site on the speech controversy but a pro-Clinton site that directs them to glowing reviews of Clinton and campaign websites.
jonathanturley | 1, February 

Three Supreme Court Justices Face Challenges


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