Friday, February 12, 2016

Lent is coming. Get your ash in church.

Follow me on Snapchat and you may be one of the first to see something... when I figure it out.  I know most people my age are into Periscope.  That's next for me.

Some things about other cultures I kind of like. Throwing shoes at people in power somehow appeals to me even though I don't understand it.

Pretty sure I'm making the history books if they are still investigating Hillary's emails.  I get about 10 a day from her.

Learning a lot from presidential political speeches and the debates  that will help me be a better lawyer. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  Must be very persuasive. I think Judges and juries really like it when a lawyer does that in court.

Who is the only current Supreme Court justice to have EVER presided over a jury trial? Answer  elsewhere in this post.

Jeb Bush, I understand, is getting help starting Monday from a man who has arrest warrants out for him in many countries. Welcome back to the stage President Bush.



I miss Judge Beck.  Wish he was still a visiting judge around Texas.  A really good guy.



46 Georgia correctional officers arrested for drug trafficking


Texas judge defends letter asking former jurors to 'meet and greet'

Feb 11, 2016, 7:32 am CST


Michael Brown Sr., right, at a City Council meeting in Ferguson, Mo., on Tuesday. The death of his son in a police shooting in 2014 set off nationwide protests and attracted the scrutiny of the federal authorities.
Department of Justice Sues Ferguson, Which Reversed Course on Agreement


City leaders rejected a deal to overhaul the police force, setting up a court fight over excessive policing in a city that came to symbolize it.


Victims of a bombing at a refugee camp received treatment on Wednesday in Maiduguri, Nigeria.
Suicide-Bomber Girls Kill 58 in Nigerian Refugee Camp


The victims were among the more than 50,000 people forced from their homes by Boko Haram, only to be terrorized in the place they had sought refuge.
Acts of Parliament and other important documents, like the Magna Carta, above, are traditionally written on vellum, a calfskin parchment. In April, vellum will be replaced by paper.
Traditionalists Rebuffed as Parliament Turns the Page on Parchment


For nearly 1,000 years, the acts of British Parliament have been recorded on calfskin parchment. Now, the House of Lords is finally switching to paper.

“You Just Have To Drown The Bunnies”: Mount St. Mary’s University Fires Academic and Newspaper Adviser After Criticism Of President

by jonathanturley
Simon-Newman-bio_webThere is a highly disturbing story out of Mount St. Mary's University where the adviser to the school newspaper was fired after the newspaper ran a story of how university’s president, Simon Newman (left), had said that the school had to tighten its standards and get rid of less competitive students. He mocked colleagues who were resisting by reportedly saying “This is hard for you because you think of the students as cuddly bunnies, but you can’t,. You just have to drown the bunnies.”


Detroit Police Sergeant Under Investigation After Criticism of Beyonce’s Superbowl Performance

by jonathanturley
BPowerLogo400px-Beyoncé_-_Pavilhão_AtlânticoThere is a free speech controversy brewing out of Detroit where an unnamed police sergeant is under investigation for expressing his opinion about the controversial Beyonce performance in the halftime show of the Superbowl. Beyonce dressed herself and her dancers like Black Panthers and formed a X in an apparent reference to Malcolm X. Police around the country objected to the glorification of an organization that has advocated violence against police. The sergeant compared the performance to one featuring the KKK on Facebook and is now facing possible discipline.


“Help Us Solve . . . UK’s Biggest Cases”: Crimewatch Anchor Has Awkward Moment With His Criminal Doppelgänger

by jonathanturley
BBCI had to sure this picture of Crimewatch presenter Jason Mohammad who was showing the audience the picture of convicted robber Viktor Lakatos. Viewers could be forgiven if they called in to say that they had found Lakatos.


Former federal judge who sentenced pot dealer to 55 years asks Obama to commute the sentence

A federal judge-turned-law professor who advocates for crime victims is asking President Obama to commute a marijuana dealer’s 55-year sentence.
Paul Cassell, now a law professor at the University of Utah, had complained the mandatory sentence for Weldon Angelos was unfair when he imposed it, report NPR, the Salt Lake Tribune, the Washington Post and a press release. Now 12 years have passed, and Angelos would likely be free today if Cassell had been able to impose the lower sentence he thought was warranted, Cassell’s letter(PDF) says.
Cassell says his request for a commuted sentence is not inconsistent with his advocacy for crime victims. “When the sentence for actual violence inflicted on a victim is dwarfed by a sentence for carrying guns to several drug deals,” Cassell writes in his letter to Obama, “the implicit message to victims is that their pain and suffering counts for less than some abstract ‘war on drugs.’ ”
Angelos, founder of the hip-hop label Extravagant Records, was accused of selling marijuana to a police informant three times in 2002, charging $350 each time. The informant said Angelos had a gun in his car and strapped to his ankle during the first two drug buys, and police found additional handguns in a search of Angelos’ home. A gun law required a five-year sentence for the first use of a gun in a drug crime, and 25 years for each additional use, leading to the mandatory 55-year sentence.
“In looking back on the case,” Cassell writes in his letter to Obama, “it was one of the most troubling that I ever faced in my five years on the federal bench.”
Cassell previously asked President George W. Bush to pardon Angelos.



DOJ sues Ferguson one day after it sought changes in proposed policing pact

A yea-and-a-half after the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown ignited a civil rights movement in Ferguson, Missouri, the U.S. Department of Justice has sued the city.
Announced by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the federal lawsuit filed Wednesday by the DOJ in the Eastern District of Missouri follows a Tuesday vote by Ferguson’s city council to amend a number of provisions in a consent decree reached after months of negotiation.
CNNReuters and the Washington Post (reg. req.) have stories.
At issue in the pattern and practice case are police and court practices the government says are racially biased. Much of the alleged problem stems from using the criminal justice system as a source of revenue, the DOJ contends.
City council members Tuesday reportedly balked at the potential cost of some measures called for in the consent decree.
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Lawyer postpones boat and retirement to fund college for 26 kindergarteners

A California lawyer postponed purchasing a boat and retirement to spend $1 million on something he considers more important—college for a kindergarten class.
On Monday, the 26 children in the Rio Vista Elementary School school class presented thank-you cards to attorney Marty Burbank and his wife, Seon Chun-Burbank. However, it will be years before they fully appreciate what the couple has agreed to do for them, Tessa Ashton, the teacher for the Anaheim class, tells the Orange County Register.
Ashton and Burbank attend the same church, and he told the newspaper a Christmas season sermon about giving inspired him to rethink his priorities. His wife, the article notes, was the first person in her family to graduate from college, which was funded by a relative.
The couple’s gift will pay for two years of community college and two years at a California State University, as well as books. The students are required to draw a picture or write an essay each year about what their college education would mean to them and their family, the Register reports.
The children in the class “don’t come from families where anybody has had an opportunity to go to college,” Burbank said, so their parents don’t talk to them about college.
“Buying a boat was a very selfish thing for me, and I can do so much more to impact the lives of these kids,” he told KNBC.

Bank worker saves law firm from $73K loss by blocking unauthorized account transfers

An unidentified Michigan law firm got lucky after an overseas criminal tried to steal $73,000 from its account last week.
An employee of Traverse City State Bank noticed the suspicious activity taking place Feb. 5 and blocked the 17 wire transfers before they were completed, police told the Traverse City Record-Eagle.
The would-be thief logged onto the law firm’s online account to authorize the transfers, according to the Ticker and WWTV.
The articles don’t explain how the law firm’s account information apparently was hacked.
Frequently, there is little or no recourse for victims of such scams, once the money is actually sent.
“There was an attempted crime we’ll look into,” Capt. Jim Bussell of the Traverse City police told the Record-Eagle. “But if it’s international, there isn’t much we can do.”


Former general counsel gets 18 months for stealing $2.6M from company account

A former in-house counsel for a New Jersey home health care company was sentenced Tuesday to 18 months in federal prison for stealing over $2.6 million from his ex-employer and failing to report taxable income to the U.S. government.
Matthew Neugeboren, 39, pleaded guilty in May to wire fraud and tax charges in the Trenton case. He was ordered to repay the company $1.4 million, and owes another $500,000 to the IRS for not paying tax on unreported income. The defendant previously repaid $1.2 million to his ex-employer, Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services Inc., according to, the New Jersey Law Journal(sub. req.) and the Manalapan Patch.
Federal prosecutors said the defendant stole from a company trust account in which Preferred Home Health Care deposited funds needed for legitimate expenses. In a scheme that took place between 2008 and 2012, Neugeboren called for more money than was needed to be deposited, then siphoned the excess money out for personal use. He was employed by the company from 2006 to 2013.
The government had sought a sentence of 41 months to 51 months. However, U.S. District Judge Mary Little Cooper appeared to find persuasive a defense argument that Neugeboren had sought treatment for what one of his attorneys, Justin Walder of Walder Hayden & Brogan, described as a severe gambling addiction.
Walder also said that his client’s former employer did not want Neugeboren to get a harsh sentence, the New Jersey Law Journal reports.
The attorney said Neugeboren has voluntarily given up his license to practice law, which had been suspended.
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Answer to question : Sonia Sotomayor.


Former LA Sheriff Lee Baca pleads guilty to federal charges -

abusing prisioners, years of denials   Sheriff's deputies approached the agent – who was part of a team investigating allegations of inmate abuse in the jails – outside her home and threatened to arrest her. Federal investigators said the interaction was an attempt to intimidate the FBI. 
According to the court documents, the charges come from Baca's statement to investigators he "was not aware" deputies planned on approaching the agent, and had no knowledge of the exchange until an FBI official called him to complain.
"In fact," the agreement states, not only did he know it was going to happen, he directed the deputies to "do everything but put handcuffs" on her.
At least 17 sheriff's officials have been implicated in the FBI's investigation and the plot to obstruct it. 

site has actual charges and plea deal








shoot at polo grounds today with Megan

Cowboys like my horse pictures

caption:  What are you looking at?



Texas Preacher Given Citation For “Offending People” For Speaking Off Campus at the University of Texas

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 6.25.33 PMThere is a new disturbing video that seems to reaffirm the growing intolerance for free speech on (or in this case near) our campuses. In the confrontation between a preacher named Joshua and University of Texas at Austin police, the preacher was told that, even though he was not on campus, he was still guilty of “offending someone” with this speech and would be given a citation.
At the outset, it is important to note that the officer, while shockingly misinformed about the protections afforded free speech, was polite and professional throughout the encounter. However, he repeats that it is against the law to offend people. In this case, the intent from Campus Ministry USA was off campus and speaking against STDs and homosexual sex. During the exchange, the following is said:
Intern: Um, does freedom of speech protect offensive speech?
Officer: Does freedom of speech do what?
Intern: Uh, protect offensive speech?
Officer: It doesn’t matter, freedom of speech. Someone was offended, that’s against the law. I- I don’t wanna argue with you—it’s against the law….
Intern: I’m sorry, can you say that again, it’s against the law to offend somebody?
Officer: Yes.
That is clearly wrong but it captures the growing mentality of speech suppression on and near our campuses. This officer does not appear hostile or eager for a confrontation. However, it is a equally unnerving to see how matter-of-factly he describes the unlawful act of offending people through free speech. It is a position that the university should be the first to denounce, but the crackdown on free speech that we are witnessing across the country is being led by universities.
Here is the video:

Pakistani Government Bans Valentine’s Day As “Insult” To Islam

by jonathanturley
220px-Nisar_Ali_Khan240px-Antique_Valentine_1909_01Pakistan is the latest Muslim country to ban a holiday as a threat to Islam. In this case, it is not Christmas but Valentine's Day. The Interior Ministry has proclaimed that the harmless holiday is now deemed an "insult" to Islam and banned by order of Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan (right). Khan is one of the leading and most senior members of Pakistan Muslim League.


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