Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Not perfect

Times are not good. Come November 2016  Americans will be given a chance to cast a ballot or a piece of rope to hang themselves.

No bombs needed.  Disband TSA.  Anyone else worried that Big Pharmacy and Terrorists will strike a deal to place one prohibited pill in every manufactured automobile so America can just arrest itself for illegal possession?  No bombs needed. We have stupid laws that can take America hostage without a shot being fired.

Many states attempting  to make it a misdemeanor to talk to Ted Cruz.

Don't know what the Presidential fuss is all about and all this 

voting. Doesn't matter what the people want, or who wins,

 Congress does what it wants. No one there cares about us 

and what we think. Kinda like the Supreme Court gave the 

election to Bush though we voted for Gore. Thanks for 

unnecessary war Supreme Court and 100,000 dead people

 and trillions of debt. Majority of citizens seem powerless.

Obama Signs Executive Order Relocating Congress to Guant√°namo

South Carolina's twelve democrats expected to attend Democratic primary Saturday.


Not comforting.


Seas Are Rising at Fastest Rate in Last 28 Centuries


Scientists reported Monday that flooding in coastal communities was largely a result of greenhouse gas emissions, and likely to grow worse.


Legionnaires' Outbreak in Flint Was Met With Silence


An examination of government emails and interviews shows a failure to act swiftly to address a dangerous health problem or warn the public.

Pin up


Adm. Cecil D. Haney, commander of the United States Strategic Command, during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing in Washington last year.
Russia Wants Closer Look From Above the U.S.


Russia has requested to upgrade the cameras it uses on sanctioned surveillance flights across the United States, which are part of a treaty.



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