Thursday, February 4, 2016

Springsteen for President - Goldman Sachs CEO tells us how to vote

NOW I feel better about my future since I was able to access Bernie Madoff's  investment blog from prison.  

Trying not to order a new wide angle lens today.  Probably should just order a new five wood.

 Kind of dreading tomorrow. I'm almost sure I'll find the $63 million dollar winning lottery ticket that expires tonight.

Would like to recommend these two photographers  for your photographic needs.   I Just found their Facebook pages

Captures -  in the Flatonia area

JB Photograph - in the New Ulm Aea



Watch Bruce Springsteen Bring an 89-Year-Old 

Grandmother Onstage for ‘Dancing in the Dark’

Read More: Watch Bruce Springsteen Bring an 89-Year-Old Grandmother Onstage for 'Dancing in the Dark' |


Former judge pleads guilty for ordering deputy to jolt defendant with Stun-Cuff

A former judge in Charles County, Maryland, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor on Monday for ordering a deputy to jolt a defendant with an electric shock by activating his Stun-Cuff.
Former Judge Robert Nalley pleaded guilty to a federal charge of deprivation of rights under color of law, report the Associated Press and theBaltimore Sun. A press release is here.
During the July 2014 incident, Nalley asked the defendant if he had any questions for the jurors. The defendant ignored that question and read from a prepared statement questioning Nalley’s authority to preside “while standing calmly” behind a courtroom table, the press release says. Nalley twice ordered the defendant to stop, but the defendant continued to read his statement. At that point, Nalley ordered the deputy to shock the defendant with the Stun-Cuff.
Prosecutors are recommending probation. Sentencing is scheduled for March 31.
Nalley was previously in the news in July 2010 when he was suspended without pay for five days for letting the air out of the tires of a car parked in a restricted area near the courthouse. Nalley had said the parking spot was for him.


Indicted Border Patrol Agent Has Two Birth Certificates

Editor's note: This story has been updated with new statements from U.S. Customs & Border Protection and Joel Luna's lawyer.
BROWNSVILLE — Federal immigration authorities are treating Joel Luna, a Border Patrol Agent accused last month of capital murder and drug cartel ties in deep South Texas, as a potential foreign national subject to deportation, The Texas Tribune has learned.
In an unusual move, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has targeted the federal agent with a “detainer” — basically a civil arrest warrant filed against non-citizens — at the Cameron County jail. As a matter of law, ICE has no civil immigration enforcement authorityto arrest or detain a U.S. citizen.
The detainer adds a surprising twist to a case that has already generated national headlines and focused attention on U.S. law enforcement corruption along the southern border.
Luna, two of his brothers and two other South Texas men have been indicted on capital murder and other charges stemming from the murder and beheading of a Honduran national, whose body was found during spring break last year near South Padre Island. Investigators say the men had ties to the powerful Gulf Cartel.
After Luna was arrested last year, the Cameron County sheriff's office said investigators found more than a kilo of cocaine, $90,000 in cash, firearms and Luna’s Border Patrol badge in a safe at the home of his mother-in-law. 
The five men are scheduled to be arraigned in state district court in Brownsville on Wednesday. Garcia said Joel Luna will plead not guilty on all charges and ask for a jury trial.
Now a new wrinkle has emerged in this case: Luna has two birth certificates, one from Hidalgo County, Texas, the other from Reynosa, Mexico — right across the Rio Grande River.
ICE did not immediately return phone calls, but Luna’s lawyer, Carlos A. Garcia, said he has no doubt that his client is a U.S. citizen, an ironclad requirement for employment as a Border Patrol agent. Garcia also denied a statement from U.S. Customs & Border Protection asserting that Luna had been "arrested on False Claim To United States Citizenship" on Nov. 12, when the agent was already in state custody in South Texas.
He said any federal arrest would trigger an appearance before a magistrate within 48 hours and notification to him as Luna's lawyer — and "none of that occurred," Garcia told the Tribune.
“He worked for the federal government. No one had ever questioned his citizenship before — until his arrest,” Garcia said. “I don’t put much value in whoever it was that made that determination. You have one person that decided that, you know what, this is worth a second look.”  
Garcia said Luna attended elementary school in Mexico, which has stiff paperwork requirements for children who want to enter the public school system there. He said it’s not uncommon for parents or other relatives to fraudulently obtain Mexican birth certificates.
“Mexicans who live along the border can purchase a birth certificate by just showing up one day and saying, 'Hey, my kid was born on this date in this place,'” he said.
In Luna’s case, the U.S. birth certificate was filed two days after his birth on May 20, 1985. The Mexican birth certificate was issued in August of 1988, a little over three years after his birth was reported in San Juan, Texas.
The Texas Tribune has obtained both documents. The Mexican one came from authorities in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the state of Tamaulipas, where birth certificates are considered public records. Garcia provided the Tribune his American birth certificate. The existence of the Mexican birth certificate potentially suggests that Luna has dual citizenship.
Border Patrol Agent Joel Luna, indicted for capital murder, has two birth certificates, one saying he was born in Mexico, the other saying he was born in Texas. Luna's lawyer says he was born in Texas.
Border Patrol Agent Joel Luna, indicted for capital murder, has two birth certificates, one saying he was born in Mexico, the other saying he was born in Texas. Luna's lawyer says he was born in Texas.
“I don’t know whether or not my client has Mexican citizenship per se, but there is a Mexican birth certificate out there,” Garcia said. "He left Mexico a long, long time ago when he was very young. It’s unfortunate that we have this little wrinkle, but it's there."
It's at least the second recent case involving a federal border agent holding both Mexican and U.S. birth certificates. In another case of alleged law enforcement corruption at the border, the Monitor newspaper of McAllen reported Tuesdaythat a Customs and Border Protection agent accused of taking a bribe also has competing birth claims on both sides of the border.


The Borrower Defense Provision: An Easier Way To Discharge Federal Student Loans (With No Tax Consequences)
By Shannon Achimalbe, Wednesday, February 3, 2016 10:58 AM
A certain section of federal law that has been buried in obscurity over the last twenty years is suddenly gaining the spotlight as a possible path to loan forgiveness.



Lawsuits seek $250M due to Flint, Michigan, water supply issues

A federal civil rights lawsuit filed Friday against state and local officials in Flint, Michigan, is seeking a refund of $150 million in municipal water bill payments made while the water supply was contaminated.
Now the subject of a criminal investigation, the switch to Flint River water by a state-appointed emergency manager, as well as alleged refusal by multiple officials to listen to residents’ complaints about the adverse effects their families experienced, constituted a conspiracy to deny their constitutional rights, contends the suit. The untreated water was corrosive, causing lead to leach from city water delivery pipes. The switch was made in April 2014, and it was not until October 2015 that the city went back to Detroit’s water system, which pulls from Lake Huron.
Representing the plaintiffs along with a local attorney is Murphy, Falcon & Murphy, which successfully represented the family of Freddie Gray after he died in police custody in Baltimore, reports the Detroit Free Press. The Flint suit seeks class-action status.
Meanwhile, Michigan attorney Geoffrey Fieger on Monday filed a $100 million lawsuit in Genesee Circuit Court over an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease at a hospital using Flint water, reports
Gov. Rick Snyder and the state Health and Human Services Department have acknowledged a spike in cases after the water supply switch, but the department said it could not definitively be connected to the water supply. Snyder was elected to office in 2010 as a Republican.
“The more I read and learn about this, the angrier I get,” Fieger said. “To save a few dollars, the Snyder Administration poisoned an entire city and thought they could get away with it because those poisoned were poor, and primarily black.”
Representatives of Snyder and the hospital declined to comment on his suit. However, Snyder’s press secretary said the governor “takes the well-being of all of Michigan residents very seriously, and Flint residents are not an exception to that.”



Lawyer is accused of fondling undercover detective

Updated: A lawyer in Raritan, New Jersey, was accused of fondling an undercover detective investigating a complaint that he was offering reduced legal fees in exchange for sexual favors.
The lawyer, 58-year-old Richard Schubach, was charged with three counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact, report, and the Bridgewater Patch.
Prosecutors say the undercover agent visited Schubach’s office on Jan. 28 under the pretext of discussing a criminal matter. Schubach allegedly asked the woman to return the next day with additional documentation, and said she should wear something “pretty.”
The agent returned the next day. At that time, prosecutors allege, Schubach fondled the agent without permission or prompting. As she attempted to leave, he allegedly told her to “hold on,” and then placed his mouth on her breast and lifted her skirt.
Schubach was pronounced dead at 8:05 a.m. Tuesday, reported. The Somerset Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that Schubach was found dead in his car Tuesday morning of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. Schubach’s exact cause of death is pending an autopsy, reported.
Updated at 5:32 p.m. to note Schubach’s death.

Is it ok if we dislike cops that commit crimes?


Church tells 84-year-old woman

 she can’t be buried next to

 husband because she missed


In  the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells the parable of the Prodigal Son. In the story, a son leaves his father and travels far away. When he returns, his father doesn’t punish him for his absence but instead throws a celebration simply to rejoice that the young man has returned.
The Bible parable, which is meant to encourage fallen-away followers to return to the faith by promising they will only be met with joy, raises questions about the actions of a Minnesota church that punished an elderly church member for failing to attend services — by telling her she couldn’t be buried next to her deceased husband unless she returned, Fox9 reports.
Darleen Pawelk, 84, had been a member of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church for five decades, but recently stopped attending because she has developed disagreements with the congregation, the station reports. Regardless, she had already paid for the burial plot beside her spouse on church grounds.
“Since you have ignored our efforts to reach you, and have failed to return to your Lord Jesus in the Divine Service to receive from Him the gifts of His Word, and Holy Supper given from God to us that we may have forgiveness and life, you have self-excluded,” the letter reads. “Scripture is clear about those who remain in unrepentance. Your soul is in mortal danger.”
Below it says that since she has “self-excluded, you are no longer eligible to be buried” at either of the church’s two cemeteries.
Pawelk’s grandson, Joshua Mason, was so upset, he posted the letter the church sent Pawelk to social media.
“The Lutheran Church wants to call them selves Christians? My Grandma is 84 effing years old. Her soul is in danger? She can’t be buried in a plot she already payed for? Scum bags,” he wrote.
The church has since recanted. They now say she can be buried next to her husband.
Church leaders said sending Pawelk the letter was a mistake, and they meant to send her one saying she was no longer a member of the congregation after she expressed disagreement to the pastor.
“It was a mistake and we’ve been deeply apologetic and reached out to the family and we hope even today they will sit down with us,” Pastor LeRoy LePlant told Fox9.
But her family wants the church to apologize.
“It’s their church and there’s no verse in the bible that says you must have communion four times a year or you are not going to go to heaven,” daughter Brenda Mason told the station.
Read the full letter, as posted by the Friendly Atheist, here:



gold shoes


It might be four, but you get the point

When three fried shrimp will be enough.



Intern Becomes Internet Sensation After Failing Asleep At First Day At Work

by jonathanturley
56b2714b1a00009c01ab1f5fThis is why I love this country. An intern starts with a tech startup and falls asleep. The response? A group picture of course. What followed was a hilarious series of photoshops of the now famous but nameless intern. The guy even has his own teeshirt as an inspiration to us all.



Goldman Sachs CEO and Clinton Donor Warns That Sanders Creating A “Dangerous Moment”

by jonathanturley
BernieSandersLloyd_Blankfein_CEO_Goldman_SachsWe recently talked about how a poll showing that 17 percent of the federal government workforce would resign if Donald Trump were elected. It seemed to me a perfect pitch for Trump to make to conservatives that he has already delivered on shrinking the size of government. Now Bernie Sanders may have been given the greatest possible gift from a past donor for the Clintons. The CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, has given an interview and warns that Sanders is "dangerous." If that is not the next political ad from the Sanders campaign, they are asleep at the switch.

No Car For You: Tesla’s Musk Punishes Customer For Critical Posting By Canceling His Car Order

by jonathanturley
Elon_Musk_2015Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 5.56.33 PMHere goes any chance I have in getting a Tesla. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is at the heart of an interesting controversy after he punished a customer for a critical posting about the badly planned launch event for the new model. Musk appears to have a rather authoritarian view of critics like an automotive version of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.


Voir Dear: Court Summons Potential Jurors With Referral To Sex Hotline

by jonathanturley
170px-Sound-Powered_Telephone_SystemsThere is voir dire and then there is voir dear. The court in Pascagoula, Mississippi, sent out a jury summons this month but, when prospective jurors called the telephone line, they found themselves speaking to a sex hotline. It does not help that the Clerk's name is Randy but he is really really sorry.


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