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America's most embarassing sheriff.

If it rains this weekend I will work on my Twitter account and try to get followers up to the 3 digit area. Kardashian is beating me so far.  Think I will disguise myself as a Republican so I will have friends. Or is that already against the law?  I definitely intend to post a profile picture of Tom Brady.  That should help.





The Garland Nomination: The Unstoppable Force Meets The Unmovable Object

by jonathanturley
Merrick_GarlandBelow is my column in USA Today on the Garland nomination. I have said previously that I believe that the Senate should give the nominee a hearing and a vote. However, there is nothing in the Constitution that requires (or would compel) such action. Of course, if a Senate prolongs non-consideration, a president can use a recess appointment to temporarily fill the slot (assuming the Senate does not stay in pro forma session to bar such a manuever).
Here is the column:


“Democracy, Freedom, and the Rule of Law Have Absolutely No Value Any Longer”: Turkish President Seeks To Declare Journalists and Others “Terrorists” Under Proposed Law

by jonathanturley
220px-Recep_Tayyip_ErdoganTurkey continues its plunge into authoritarianism under President Tayyip Erdogan. So as to leave no doubt about his tyrannical aspirations, our close ally Erdogan is seeking to change the definition of a terrorist to include anyone he deems to be "supporters" of opponents or listed groups, including members of parliament, civil liberties activists and of course journalists. In in a televised speech this week he declared “democracy,, freedom, and the rule of law have absolutely no value any longer.”
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Michigan Man Uses Adele Song To Apologize To Victim and Court During Sentencing Hearing

by jonathanturley
sorry_felonBrian Earl Taylor, 21, last week had a unique way to show that he is soulful after being convicted for unlawful imprisonment and carrying a concealed weapon. He did so in song before an audience of Washtenaw County Trial Court Judge Darlene O'Brien and assembled lawyers and onlookers. He chose "Hello" by Adele as shown in the video below.


Chicago Bans Smokeless Tobacco At Sporting Events In Latest Curtailment of Consumer Choices

by jonathanturley
b12cf6cf345d7eda55583551f549b7a2I have long been a critic of legislation that forces citizens to make healthy choices in their eating or drinking or lifestyle, including the "Big Gulp" laws like those in New York City. Once politicians start to dictate health choices, we have seen the desire to become insatiable as more and more "bad choices" are banned. One such example occurred in my home city, Chicago, when the city council banned smokeless tobacco (as well as raised Chicago’s smoking age from 18 to 21). While the age change will create the anomaly of having 1 year old subject to the draft in war but not able to choose to smoke, it is the smokeless tobacco that is the most problematic element. There is no second-hand chew health problem for other people as there is for smoking. This is merely an effort to force people to make the choices that the government deems health or correct.



Be sure to watch this on the largest computer  screen you have (HD if
possible)  and have your sound turned on.

The  hummingbird doing rolls chasing a bee is not to be missed. Be
sure  and watch closely (around 2 min 40 sec) and check out the baby
bat under its  mother. Unreal. If you never knew what goes on in the
garden when  you aren't paying attention, watch this - some of the
finest photography you will ever see.

Click on this link:


Vanessa, and Lori


Will Merrick Garland continue to hear appeals while nomination is pending?

Mar 18, 2016, 8:41 am CDT

(March 9, 2016 En Banc Rehearing Announcement).



GRANTED. (March 9, 2016).

The Fifth Circuit grants en banc rehearing in a case where the panel decided that Texas Senate Bill 14, a law requiring individuals to present one of several forms of photo identification in order to vote, has a discriminatory effect in violation of § 2 of the Voting Rights Act.  Challengers to the voter ID law filed suit questioning its constitutionality and legality.  The District Court held that SB 14 was enacted with a racially discriminatory purpose, had a racially discriminatory effect, was a poll tax, and unconstitutionally burdened the right to vote.  The panel vacated and remanded the discriminatory purpose claim for further consideration.  The panel vacated the District Court's holding that SB 14 was a poll tax and rendered judgment in the State's favor on that score.  Because the same relief was available to challengers under the discriminatory effect finding being affirmed, the Court, under the doctrine of constitutional avoidance, did not address the merits of whether SB 14 unconstitutionally burdens the right to vote under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.  Vacating that portion of the District Court's opinion, the panel dismissed those claims. 

On Appeal from the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas (Nelva Gonzales Ramos).
Attorney for Appellant - Scott A. Keller, Austin, TX
Attorney for Appellee - Chad Wilson Dunn, Houston, TX


Republicans Refuse to Create Even One Job

The Republicans, in fact, went to extreme lengths to prevent a single job from being filled, thus risking being called job-killers during an election year.



Sheriff Joe Arpaio Gets A Brutal Lesson In Why You Don’t Ambush Bernie Sanders’ Wife

When Jane Sanders visited one of known bigot and champion of racial profiling Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s unconstitutional tent prisons, she was appalled. Arpaio doesn’t understand the meaning of “cruel and unusual punishment.” He forces prisoners to live in smoldering heat and eat expired foods. Since the majority of his inmates are Hispanic people, Arpaio and his racist freak constituents couldn’t care less. They follow a doctrine that embraces prosecuting and jailing people simply for the color of their skin to begin with.
Mrs. Sanders ended up in a heated argument with Arpaio, one her senator and presidential candidate husband simply couldn’t ignore. According to The New York Times, Sanders railed against Arpaio at a campaign event, laying waste to the man he says ambushed his wife:
“She asked him about racial profiling, and he didn’t have an answer,” Sanders said, “She asked him about conditions in Tent City and other abuses that he has perpetuated, and he didn’t have an answer. You know what, he cannot have an answer, because what he is doing is un-American and uncivilized.”
“If elected president, we are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship, whether Mr. Arpaio likes it or not.”
Sheriff Arpaio has been widely criticized, and rightfully so, for his tactics for keeping his jail stocked with minority inmates. He was even sued by the Justice Department for the illegal racial profiling of Hispanics that leads to traffic stops and arrests, often for misdemeanor offenses white people get tickets for. His intolerance and racism has made him a national spectacle on many occasions. Conservatives love him because he embodies all they aspire to be in life: openly hateful racists who are allowed to look down on people for no reason other than their accent.
Senator Sanders had a stern warning for Sheriff Arpaio:
 “It’s easy for bullies like Sheriff Arpaio to pick on people who have no power. If I am elected president — the President of the United States does have power. So watch out, Joe.”
Aside from everything we already know about Bernie Sanders we can add this very useful piece of information: Don’t mess with his wife.


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