Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bellville Ranch Shoot Out

Republicans get so upset about 4 Americans killed at  Benghazi, want to hang Hillary by the nearest tree, yet  discount the THOUSANDS of Americans Bush caused to die in New York AND in the war , and just CAN'T WAIT to elect a NEW war monger Republican President so thousands more young Americans can die in some new foreign land. Mind-boggling logic.

I guess Republicans see similarities between Barbara and Laura Bush, and Melania Trump.  I must be missing something.  Were they also 24 years older than their wives?

Melania Trump pic - family values

Royer's Restaurant in Round Top



Americans lives matter too. Let's don't elect this guy our leader. No matter what he promises.



A Dissenting View On Our Host’s Article “England Moves To Bar Support For Israeli Boycott Movement”

by Darren Smith
By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor
UKFlagWhile I am usually in agreement with Professor Turley's views on free speech, I must disagree in large part with his opinion as he states in his articleconcerning England moving to bar support of local governments to boycott Israel and by extension other governments.
I do agree with his concern and objection of governments jailing individual citizens for engaging in boycotts of various entities; allowing local governments to enact legislation calling for boycotts themselves is problematic.
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Bellville Ranch Shoot Out today


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