Monday, June 27, 2016

Stand By Me

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around the World

Can police officers pull over other police officers when both are on duty?
Tim Dees
Tim Dees, criminal justice technology writer and consultant

She called it a maternity shoot. Heather

Good Will Hunting: George Will Leaves Republican Party In Opposition To Donald Trump

by jonathanturley
495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore220px-GeorgeWill06Conservative columnist and icon George Will has left the Republican Party in light of the presumptive nomination of Donald Trump and his announcement triggered another juvenile response from Trump on Twitter -- followed by a reply from Will that may be one of the best put downs that I have read in years.
Members of the Mexican Federal Police clashed with teachers protesting an education overhaul and the arrest of two of their leaders, in Oaxaca State, on June 19.
Clashes Draw Support for Teachers' Protest in Mexico


Thousands of students in Oaxaca State have been without school for months, but after government forces clashed with demonstrators last week, a teachers' movement appears to have gained steam.

A view from inside the SCOTUS: The affirmative action decision explained

by supremebystander
By Cara L. Gallagher, weekend contributor
In the first line of his 51-page dissent in Fisher v. The University of Texas at Austin, Justice Alito wrote that “something strange is going on at the Supreme Court.” Indeed, it was. I think it’s safe to say no one thought race-based admissions processes would survive after the first Fisher case in 2013. The four conservative Justices (Scalia included) have long been chomping at the bit to quash it, believing instead that the way to end race-based discrimination is to “stop discriminating on the basis of their race.” Universities have no less continued to try different ways to diversify campuses but have ostensibly been told by the SCOTUS: You’re doing it wrong.
Certainly Justice Kennedy, who authored the 4-person majority opinion in Fisher last week, seemed poised to tell the University of Texas at Austin they too were doing it wrong. Read more of this post

“Heaven Help Us”: Manuel Attorneys Mistakenly Send Reporters Emails Implicating The Former Quarterback In Continued Drug Use

by jonathanturley
250px-Johnny_Manziel_in_Kyle_FieldIt has happened to us all. You quickly type an email and some auto program completes the address for the wrong person or you hit "reply all" by mistake. Indeed, most attorneys have had such misfires in case, but few have had to deal with the embarrassment of Defense attorney Bob Hinton in the high-profile case. Hinton sent an Associated Press reporter an email intended for the legal team that admits that his client former Quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel is still abusing drugs and could not pass a simple urinalysis as part of any plea bargain. Since they are trying to secure such a deal, the email is devastating for any chance that Manziel had for such a deal. To make matters worse, Manziel's own father called him a "druggie" and said that he hoped that his son would be sent to jail to save his life.

Burning Home Captured Floating Down West Virginia River

by jonathanturley
housefireriver_1466771029764_1484224_ver1.0One always hopes for the best in flooding disasters, but when your house is both burning and floating down the river, it is time to move to Plan B and call the insurance company.

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