Saturday, July 2, 2016

Beautiful Florida now becoming sewage like

Positive thought for the day:  Much of what I do does not make me cry.

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Jennifer Ellis
Jennifer EllisI'm a lawyer in PA, USA. I am not YOUR lawyer. You should hire one.
53.9k Views · Upvoted by India L. J. MitchellRetired Police officer and Kurt Hyllested,Retired police officer.
Most Viewed Writer in Criminology
I can only guess. But here you go:
1. Most criminals are dumb. Ask any criminal defense lawyer. The stories they tell are amazing. And often hilarious.
2. Many people believe that they can help themselves, no matter how many times they are told that they cannot, by speaking with the police. They are convinced that if they say the right thing the police will lose interest in them.
3. People like to be helpful. They are not very good at refusing to talk to other people. They think it is rude.
4. People don't understand, regardless of what they are told, that they really do not have to talk to  the police. They think  they will get in trouble if they stay silent.
5. The police are good at convincing people to talk to them.


Mission Aborted

Keeping His Feet Clean

Love Conquers All

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This disgusting, 'guacamole-thick' goop is invading Florida's coastline ...
The Washington Post
1 day ago - Caused by runoff water from overflowing Lake Okeechobee, the algae is giving humans coughs and rashes and threatens wildlife, such as ...

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