Thursday, July 28, 2016

Live longer

Sometimes I wish I could live longer.  Sometimes, not so much.

Down side of politics is that somehow you have to rise above different political views and hope in the end your friends still like you and forgive you for your craziness.  I have no problem forgiving they may be right. I don't have the confidence they seem to have in predicting the future. I'm not near as smart as I look and my good looks really comes from lots of botox and years of plastic surgery.  Even my height is artificial.  Only the rock hard abs are real.

Tomorrow I'm narrowing my Facebook friends down to only the ones that agree with my politics. Odd.  Turns out its only the ones whose paycheck I sign.

Go ahead Donald. Piss off the Pope. The candidate who wins the Catholic vote has also won the popular vote in every election since 1972.

I had to work today and couldn't keep up. Has our law and order candidate called for any other high crimes to be committed today?

Trump is often partially correct.   The constitution does not require maturity or sanity as a qualification to run for President.

Over a glass of water I tried to convince a voter that there was too much government regulation of the environment. Tough sell in Flint, Michigan. 

We all pretty much know what America has done for Donald Trump.  The big secret is, prior to deciding to own it, what has he ever done for America?

Anyone else hoping that Donald doesn't denigrate Chelsea Clinton as he is so famous and relishes doing. Could he just pass on this young person? Would that be so bad?

They just said Hillary never liked the limelight.  It's been thrust upon her.  Life just isn't fair.  ALL my life I've been desperate to get in the limelight.  No one would let me have it.

Change happens so slowly  in my view.  Not sure why I'm still interested in politics.  At my age, my life is pretty good and I'm set.  We could elect a despot and I probably wouldn't live to see the effect on me.

If haters could put individual personalities aside, they would join me in thinking that electing a black man (twice) and then a woman President of the most powerful country in the world speaks so well of everyone of us and sends an indisputable message to any foreign group who might be thinking we've lost our greatness.


Ohio Supreme Court rejects law banning police from having sex with minors

Issue #429

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Lawyer is accused of making false peanut allergy provocation claim against opposing counsel

Jul 28, 2016, 8:00 am CDT

Russia should find Hillary Clinton's missing emails, Trump says; is he inciting crime?

Jul 27, 2016, 11:52 am CDT

Sarah finished taking the bar exam today


NC GOP Attacks Kaine For Wearing Honduras Flag Pin . . . Which Turns Out To Be His Service Pin For His Marine Son

by jonathanturley
Few of us are happy with the poisonous and dysfunctional politics today. With the two most disliked candidates in history securing the two main nominations, tensions are rising as each party seeks to make voters hate the other candidate more than their own candidate. One particularly low moment came with an attack from the North Carolina GOP which accused Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) of inexplicably wearing a flag of Honduras on his lapel rather than an American flag. Not only did the pin share little with the Honduras flag, it was a Blue Star Service pin for Kaine's son who is serving as a marine.

Former deputy not guilty of traffic stop sexual assault |
15 hours ago - On Thursday, a jury cleared former Precinct 3 Deputy Constable Christopher Kerr of any criminal wrongdoing. A woman filed a federal lawsuit .



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