Thursday, July 21, 2016

Maybe this will help you understand

Not sure how Trump would unite America if he can't unite his own party.

The world is praying for us to get rid of those evil men in Congress who want to improve the delivery of health care to American citizens.  Thank goodness we have many who have tried at least 49 times to wipe this off the books.  We should not be distracted from the important things like emails and who is copying and pasting speeches.

My greatest gift to my children was to  make sure they did not pattern their life after mine. For goodness sake! Be better!

You are a state legislator.  Mental health legislation is coming up for a vote soon.  You are always running for re-election.  In your waiting room you have waiting to see you the private prison company lobbyist, the jail bonding lobbyist, and a pathetic poor crying mother of a mentally ill person waiting to see you.  Dilemma :  who do you see  to make democracy work?

Representing a client charged with wrongful tagging on Facebook.  When I was young this wasn't even a crime.  It was called a mistake.

Thinking of changing my blog name to "Copy and Paste"

Walt Disney Accused of Firing Intern Who Objected to Sign Telling Employees To Deny Risk Of Alligators At Florida Property

by jonathanturley
250px-Mickey_Mouse.svgWe previously discussed the tragic death of Lane Graves, 2, at a Disney resort after an alligator attack. Things are already pretty bad for the company, but there is yet another twist. A Walt Disney World intern was fired after she posted objected to a sign advising employees to tell guests that they do not know of any alligators in the waters. After an outcry, the company has rehired Shannon Sullivan. The question remains whether such evidence could be introduced to show the company's alleged continued misrepresentation or concealment of the risks associated with the alligators.

Patrick Backs Call for Probe of Black Lives Matter

Powerful statement
Arnold Ragas
Sometimes my black life matters.
It mattered the day I was walking to my car at Lenox when I was ordered inside a police car until I sufficiently explained my purpose for being in the deck. My keys in hand provided no clue. It mattered the very next time I was in the deck and again ordered inside a police car until I again sufficiently explained my purpose.
My black life mattered the day I was helping someone move her furniture from her apartment to a moving van when several police officers pointed their guns at me until I sufficiently explained my purpose. Carrying a microwave to a moving van provided no clue.
My black life mattered the day I was looking through storefront windows and police detained me and questioned me until I sufficiently explained my purpose. It mattered further when I reached into my pocket for my wallet and they pulled their guns on me. My black life almost became matter on the pavement.
My black life mattered the day I was ordered inside a room at the DeKalb county courthouse and forced to explain my purpose. Being a lawyer wearing a suit in a courthouse provided no clue.
My black life mattered the night I was jogging in my Johns Creek subdivision when a police officer drove 5 mph and followed me for nearly a half mile until I finally and exasperatedly turned around and yelled, “What?!?!” My Nike shorts, shirt and running shoes provided no clue of my lawful presence. After all, I was running.
I never really thought of myself as a thug. I’m clean cut. Clean-shaven. No dreads. No golds. No tats. No sagging pants. Hell, I even own a pair of khakis.
But what do I know. Maybe I AM a thug. I graduated college but it took me 5 years. I graduated law school but I wasn’t top ten. I served 3 terms in the state House of Representatives but I never got more than 60% of the vote. I served 9 years as a judge but does Probate court really count? I’ve appeared on news shows as an expert on political and legal matters but my tie didn’t always quite match.
Or just maybe my skin is the sin and no accomplishment vaccine can inoculate me.
Sometimes I wish I could try on white skin. Not to keep; just to test drive for a few days. But moreso, I wish my white friends who condemn the black lives matter mantra could wear my skin. They’d probably cut the test drive short. They’d know what it feels like to be routinely viewed as a suspect instead of a person. They’d learn that black lives do indeed matter.
But oftentimes, for all the wrong reasons.



GWU Law Professor Files Ethics Charges Against Prosecutors In Freddie Gray Case

by jonathanturley

Banzhaf_JohnSome of us have been critical of the changes brought by State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby in the death of Freddie Gray. As we have seen in past high-profile cases, the prosecutors over charged the case against various defendants with very little evidence. The result has been a series of acquittals. Now, my GWU colleague Professor John Banzhaf III has taken that controversy to a new level with the filing of complaints seeking disbarment with the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission against Mosby, Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow and Deputy State’s Attorney Janice Bledsoe. He alleges that these prosecutors knowingly brought charges without a sufficient evidentiary basis.


The Luckiest Place On Earth: Family Of Dead Toddler Decides Not To Sue Disney Over Alligator Attack

by jonathanturley
250px-Mickey_Mouse.svg16alligator_web1-master768-v4Yesterday, we discussed how the case against Disney in the death of two-year-old Lane Graves seemed to be getting worse for the company by the day with a new controversy over a poster instructing employees to mislead tourists asking about the risk of alligators. Many of us felt that Disney richly deserved to be sued and that such a lawsuit could produce valuable deterrence for Disney and other companies in the future. However, to the surprise of many, Matt and Melissa Graves of Elkhart, Nebraska have announced that they will not sue Disney for the death of their son in the lagoon at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Florida’s Walt Disney World.

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