Sunday, July 24, 2016

Office meeting

America IS great.  It's just not perfect.

Careful of your criticism of WikiLeaks.  I know the United States government wants it prosecuted.  Remember governments tried to criminalize video taping police.   Sooner or later WikiLeaks going to leak something that you needed to know and wanted everyone else to know.

Richard Nixon gave us the War on Drugs in the 70's. Big Failure.  We wrecked our criminal justice system, penal system and drugs won.  Try something else!

Hate to be a spoil sport, but Presidents don't raise or lower taxes. No matter how much they promise.  Congress does that.  We should all take a pledge to get rid of our present Congressmen and Senators.  No matter the party of the incumbent.

Hillary blew it.  Had I been running the Democrats I would have countered the television attraction of Trump by nominating Pat 
Sajak or Vanna White.

Maybe we should re-think making it ok for police to kill people simply for not following a police officer's "command".

I would have liked to have gone to Philadelphia, but they wouldn't let me.  They told me it would take me too long to run up those stairs that Rocky made famous.

Munich mass shooter  only 18 years old.  Some call for governments to issue guns to every 17 year old to protect the public.

Quick, can sometime send me a short resume of the service to others (military, charitable) Trump's sons have been involved in (just writing a check doesn't count).  Surely their father has instilled service to others less fortunate as an important part of the greatness of  America and a test of your humanity.  

It would help the Trump family  if just ONE person who worked along side of them in the last fifty years in a soup kitchen, or a couple of hours on Habitat for Humanity project, or Meals for Wheels would give an interview about how wonderful and charitable their spirit was.  Not sure why we can't find one.

I may get too much pleasure when we discover some famous person has a flaw and we talk about it a lot with smugness.

Starting to calm down and forgive my father.  In today's dollars maybe there was a reason my loving bookkeeper father didn't loan me  $10 million dollars when I was young.  Perhaps he didn't want to set me on the maniacal  path of thinking today I am better than you.

We have lousy choices for November.  But we are smart enough not to vote for Trump.  We love our country and way of life too much.

I am pretty much tired of the  Pokémons hiding out in my living room. A few of them are Republicans.





Office meeting this morning.  Feeling good.  Taking a page from our country's 50 year successful war on drugs, my office outlawed  missed putts.


DNC CFO Marshall Apologizes And Keeps Her Job Despite Email Pushing Religious-Based Attack On Sanders

by jonathanturley
Wasserman SchultzThe Democratic National Committee (DNC) is still attempting to spin out of the scandal over the recently leaked emails showing that, as long claimed by critics, it was undermining Bernie Sanders and rigging the process for Hillary Clinton during the primaries. It would seem obvious to most of us that not only should Debbie Wasserman Schultz resign, but a number of DNC officials fired for the emails, particularly DNC CFO Brad Marshall. Yet, the DNC is been largely quiet and clearly hoping that Democrats simply do not care if they have been directly misled by the DNC, which sought to engineer the win for Clinton.  It may be right.  Many Democratic voters (like many Republican voters) seem to have simply accepted that politicians lie to them and that people who are demanding honesty from leaders are naive (or do not see "the bigger picture").  The DNC is clearly hunkering down to see with "this too shall pass" with voters.  While Wasserman Schultz has given up her speaking role at the convention, she is clinging on to the chairmanship of the party.

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