Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I'm sure both parties want peace....what the world fears is that one party is willing to kill everyone to attain it.

Powerful television tonight brought to you by a master of television.  Politics is no longer about just winning...we now are asked to put the loser in prison.  We are now the richest, most powerful third world country.  

Republican convention.  Where is Clint Eastwood and the empty chair debacle?  Oh that's right.  The empty chair won. 

Sad day for me. I just learned that my best friend I met on Facebook turned out to be a robot. 6 years of my time and emotions down the drain. #TicketToNigeriaForSaleCheap.

Quicken Loans Arena - Coincidence that Trump is recommending Quicken Loans for Mexico to get wall money.

Scandal.  Melania and Michelle were raised by the same parents.
Ohio - Open carry.  They built it into their constitution. It's the law of the land.  LOL.  Now the people in Ohio are afraid to leave their house.

I am a fan of Melania Trump and anyone who looks like her, immigrant or not.  I hope Hillary hire's her.

Support your local Evangelical.  They support Trump.

the party of small government is never through outlawing something:

Gingrich Proposes To Criminalize The Visiting Of Sites Deemed “Favoring” Terrorist Groups

by jonathanturley
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is made a highly disturbing proposal that people who visit sites that are deemed as favoring terrorist groups. As articulated by Gingrich in his Fox News interview, the proposal would eviscerate the first amendment and leave that government in a position to regulation speech and association based on an ill-defined standard. Gingrich also attracted criticism for his proposal to test Muslims to allow for deportation of any who "believes in Sharia" -- a proposal that would sanction before for their religious and political views.







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