Sunday, July 10, 2016

Politics and Facebook

Hope to attend Binder Gardens tomorrow in Needville for a group  photoshoot attended by many photographers and beautiful models  in derby hats and attire similar to the movie Pretty Woman.  Should be fun even though I will once again be the oldest photographer there.  Years ago I used that venue to kickstart my fitness modeling career without success.

My age has many advantages, such as a profound sense of accomplishment felt by just waking up.

Finally coming together and agreeing.  The forces in Texas who want Texas to secede and the forces in the nation who want to expel Texas are meeting this weekend and there is much harmony.  Thanks Obama.

Somewhat shallow of me that my views on laws involving euthanasia are tied so closely to my most current golf score. 

Tune in to CNN right now on Dallas shooting. Our AG Ken Paxton finally seized the limelight and is giving us a great insight....on Ken Paxton.  He knew nothing of interest to anyone, answered no questions, repeatedly says he knew of no facts.  Quite a revealing interview and reminds the country how stupid we were to vote for him..

Words.  When someone you are arguing with begins a sentence with "Sir, with all due respect....."  it generally means they have no respect for your position whatsoever.

 We need to be thankful everyday that we wake up not in prison.  Try to remember there is a large group of smart, rich investors that strive everyday to put as many of us in jail for as long as they can.  They don't care for what or if it's right.  That's the ONLY way they make money. #banPrivate Prison Companies. #broughttoyoubyyourelectedofficial



Here’s the best of our best content from July 2 to July 8, 2016:

Thursday night's brutal attack on Dallas officers followed an otherwise peaceful demonstrationagainst police brutality, in a city where authorities have gone to great lengths to improve relations with the Black community. Dallas officials made clear that the shooting will not silence future demonstrations. But they signaled that future protest participants may see new safeguards. The death of a suspect in the shootings marks the first time U.S. police officers have used a robot to kill someone, according to Texas and national experts.

The oil bust is threatening to deal a serious financial blow to schools in oil-producing regions across the state — particularly if it lingers.

Residents of Grimes County gathered in the gymnasium at Navasota Junior High School to voice their displeasure with a proposed 15-mile toll road that would connect metropolitan Houston with Bryan/College Station.

In the span of a month, a Texas Senate seat will have been vacated and effectively filled, anunconventional turn of events that has Houston Democrats scrambling to replace one of their most venerated members.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton accepted more than $329,000 earmarked for his legal defense from wealthy donors and “family friends,” according to a newly released financial disclosure statement.

Three University of Texas at Austin professors sued their university and the state on Wednesday, claiming that Texas' new campus carry law is unconstitutional.

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has thrown out their greatest legislative victory — the House Bill 2 abortion restrictions — Texas abortion opponents are trying to decide what comes next.

From our Bordering on Insecurity series: When Franky Palacios Paz was found naked and decapitated floating off South Padre Island, the local sheriff thought the murder would lead investigators back to Mexican drug cartel violence. He didn't expect a U.S. Border Patrol agent to be among those arrested.



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