Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Twilight zone

Who knew?  Turns out billionaire lives matter too.

Trump's son. Nice speech. We will see more of him over the next 20 years if he stays motivated.

They asked me to speak at the Republican Convention but I told them I wasn't in love with myself enough, nor cocky enough, to qualify.

Republicans Accused of Plagiarizing Entire Convention Scenario from Book of Revelation

Exciting times with Republicans.  We may go to war with every country on earth. Good plan.

Listening to Gov. Christie carefully.  Powerful man. Don't ignore this guy.  He'll shut down your bridge traffic during rush hour.  

Proud of America and democracy for Trump's nomination today.  Reminiscent of my feeling when a black man was nominated.  America is still the land of where dreams can come true.  I'm not ready for a Trump family dynasty (Kennedy type), but I do respect accomplishment and am thankful to live in this country.
Yawn.  I'm hoping in four years we will replace expensive waste of money on presidential conventions with a $5 app.  Time to grow up.

During roll call at the Republican Convention I think I detected that the Northern Mariana Islands is helping elect a nominee.  Has anyone checked to see if it is part of the United States?  And where the hell is it?  What star on the flag represents it?

There is not an ounce of party loyalty in me.  I think the whole concept is silly.  I've always voted for the guy I like best at the time.  Sometimes I was right, sometimes I was wrong.  Party had nothing to do with it.

Michelle Obama has long inspired everyone.  Including Melania Trump apparently.

Good to know that breakfast at a multi-billionaire's house this morning is similar to yours and mine occasionally .....unpleasantness about yesterday's behavior is being discussed. We have it better actually. You and I don't have to drop our voices so the many servants won't hear.  Plus we don't have to figure out who to fire today.

Perhaps re need to have a re-do on our attitude about killing people here and all over the world.  It just doesn't always work and we need to recognize that. Killing the leader of Iraq for instance didn't really solve our problems.  In fact it may have made things worse for Americans.  

Attitudes need to change.  We live in a country where one can openly insult the President, Governors even defy his order, yet we can be killed for defying and not immediately obeying an order of a cop.   That seems to result in some people now taking to randomly killing cops.

Had we not killed the cigarette vendor for instance,  for his not surrendering immediately and obeying commands of an officer, it's not like he would get away with the crime.  It's not like we couldn't identify him and arrest him later.  We would have survived if he continued to sell single cigarettes a day or two more and arrested him a day or two later.

Killing people is simply not always the answer.  Sometimes it makes things worse and society suffers far more.

If we are as smart as we say we are, we will change the culture of killing.

Austin County Bar Meeting

A funeral in Ankara, Turkey, on Monday for one of the victims of the recent coup attempt.
Vast Purge in Turkey as Thousands Are Detained in Post-Coup Backlash


The Interior Ministry fired nearly 9,000 police officers on Monday, officials said, coming after the arrests of 6,000 military personnel and suspensions of nearly 3,000 judges.

Greg Abbott: Targeted Killing of Police Officers Should Be a Hate Crime in Texas

Lawyer making routine list discovered law-firm partner didn't have law license; sentencing is today

Jul 19, 2016, 8:30 am CDT

Trump's VP pick practiced law at a small firm; he wouldn't wish law school 'on a dog I didn't like'

Jul 18, 2016, 11:10 am CDT

Can Ohio governor suspend open carry during the GOP convention? Guns allowed, paint balls banned

Jul 18, 2016, 10:09 am CDT






Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

by jonathanturley
unnamedThis is Daniel Reinsvold, 44, who was charged with breaking into a home and other charges. Most people get a dog to stop break ins, but this family said that it was the dog that Reinsvold was after. The daughter of the family reported finding Reinsvold with his pants down and trying to have sex with Cooper, their Golden retriever. If you guessed that, you need to get help. Seriously.
jonathanturley | 1, July 20, 

Melania Trump walking onstage to deliver her speech on the opening night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday.
How Melania Trump's Speech Veered Off Course and Caused an Uproar


Two veteran Republican speechwriters had created a draft last month. But inside Trump Tower, it turned out, Ms. Trump began tearing it apart.

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