Saturday, July 23, 2016

Why Old People Like Their Front Porches

Tell me again why we tried to outlaw citizens videotaping police?

Seriously.  Would you vote for anyone who really thought he was the ONLY man who could solve America's problems?  Of course not.  

Law and Order Trump softening his position.  He may outlaw police shooting black people in their graves if they fire more than 3 times.
Never heard of Senator Kaine.  And why is Kenya chanting "we did it again" "we did it again".?

Trump. Making History. Historically No Man Has Ever Had As Much Love for Himself.

An actual quote that seemingly normal people believe: 
"Nobody knows the  system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it."  (soon to displayed on our printed money)

I guess he was right. It's none of our business if he pays taxes to this country or other countries.

Sole Munich shooter was 18 years old.  Trump solution?  Arm our 17 year olds.  

Trump -   An advantage of him being President, that he didn't even touch on last night.  He loves BEING on television.  So for four years, maybe 8, we would have television access to our President in an unprecedented amount.  Probably every day....maybe even all day, everyday.

Wish he would have promised us the ban of the use of the words "amazing" and "huge".  He promised us everything else.

Humans. I try to see the best in people.  But seriously.  Some of you are making it really hard.

Happy set of circumstances that Trump's entire family will work for America right along side of him.  Turns out none of them were doing any other work.

Trump just announced, and again we have to trust him on this, his favorable margin will be the largest in the history of numbers.  It will be HUGE.

Trump Succeeds in Delivering Speech No One Will Want to Plagiarize


Voters at a polling station in Austin, Tex., in March. A court was ordered to soften the effects of restrictions in Texas' voter ID law before the November election.
In Texas, Fixing Voter ID Law Ruled to Be Discriminatory Will Be Tricky Task


A judge must create procedures to soften the effects of the restrictions before the November election after an appeals court ruled that the law discriminated against minorities.

His Tone Dark, Donald Trump Takes G.O.P. Mantle


Donald J. Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination with an unusually vehement appeal to Americans who feel that their country is spiraling out of control.

The former Lehman Brothers headquarters. There has been much debate over whether the government should have done more to rescue the now-failed investment bank.


Pointing a Finger at the Fed in the Lehman Disaster


A respected economist argues that the Federal Reserve could have saved the financial firm from its chaotic collapse eight years ago.

U.S. Citizen Receives Settlement over Body Cavity Search at Border

Zahra’s Short and Tragic Life: Afghan Girl Is Burned Alive After Being Bartered Away As A Child Bride

by jonathanturley
19AFGHANISTAN-PRINT2-master180Zahra is a young girl who should be known to every person cares about liberty and the plight of young girls in many traditional Islamic areas. Zahra wanted to go to school and following her dream but she lived in Afghanistan where girls are often treated like commodities. She ended up being transferred to a family as part of a dowry at 11 and married off while in the sixth grader.She was later allegedly burned alive and died in a Kabul hospital -- she was four months pregnant. The reason was that the family (which reportedly beat her savagely) was mad that she was not working hard enough.

Erdogan Warns The United States That It Would Be A “Big Mistake” Not To Turn Over His Critic

by jonathanturley
We have followed the rise of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has single-handedly destroyed Turkey's secular traditions and rolled back on civil liberties. With the support of Islamic parties, Erdogan used the recent failed coup to complete his work in arresting his critics, forcing the resignation of thousands of secular academics, and suspending all civil liberties in a proclaimed state of emergency. The United States helped create the tyranny rising in Turkey in its support of Erdogan as he systemically dismantled the only secular, free country in the Arab world. Now, Erdogan is threatening the United States that he wants his greatest critic, US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, delivered to him and that a failure to yield to his demands would be a "big mistake." Now, one could easily dismiss this threat as the ravings of an egomaniacal, delusional dictator with a persecution complex. However, Erdogan already forced German Chancellor Angela Merkel to reject basic free speech rights to appease him.

Saudi Arabian Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Pokemon Go

by jonathanturley
Pokemon-Go_logo.svgSaudi Arabia's top Islamic clerics have renewed a prior religious edict or fatwa that warns against playing Pokemon in order to expressly denounce the playing of the wildly popular mobile phone application Pokemon Go as UnIslamic and evil. This will come as a shock to my kids and their cousins who recently coerced me to drive around the neighborhood to bag a few Pokemon (while correctly me that it is not pronounced "pokeMAN." One would have hoped that with Sunni following the Saudi Wahhabi sect beheading people and enslaving girls, Pokemon Go would seem fairly low on the list of "to do" subjects for clerics.




Newest addition to my yet-to-be-completed photo book entitled "Why Old People Like Their Front Porches"

Gunman in Munich Kills 9, Then Himself, the Police Say


The police said the attack outside a mall was probably the work of a single gunman. At least 21 people were wounded.

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