Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Advance Family Law Seminar

 If a stranger offers to give you his purple heart medal, do the right thing.  Thank him  but tell him HE deserves the medal, and you don't.  

So many advantages of going to annual Advance Family Law Week in San Antonio.  I guess the biggest is the food.  Look below.

Perhaps we should only allow the police to kill someone whom a jury or a judge, after hearing all the evidence of the crime, MIGHT give that person the death penalty.  That would stop the killing of people who sell single cigarettes without a license, or traffic violators, people who fail to obey a command, resist arrest, or pot smokers, etc.  We just don't need to kill those people.  Our present laws never encompass or come close to the death penalty for these offenses. We don't want the police killed over such trivial offenses and its not worth it.  Change the law.

I hate it when you violate our traffic laws.  But not near as much as  I  hate it that our government figures a way to shoot you over it.



“What the hell is going on?”: Kentucky Judge Expressed Outrage at Jail Bringing Woman Into Court Without Pants

by jonathanturley
pantsThere was a deeply disturbing scene in Louisville when a female prisoner was brought into court without pants.  Kentucky Judge Amber Wolf  was rightfully irate and called the jail directly from the courtroom.  What is equally disturbing is that this woman was in court for simply failing to complete a diversion program on a 2014 shoplifting charge, but we held for three days and denied feminine hygiene products in jail.

DePaul Reportedly Bars Conservative Speaker To Avoid Protesters and Objections

by jonathanturley
DePaul_U_Seal.svgIn May, we discussed the highly disturbing incident of DePaul security standing around as a conservative speaker was prevented from speaking on campus.  It was a terrible low for DePaul in allowing free speech to be denied to appease those who believe that only their views should be heard on campus.  Now another conservative speaker, Ben Shapiro, has reported that his event was canceled after objections from protesters.


red chair


Stephen Hawking Issues One Perfect Sentence On Donald Trump And His Supporters

by Adam Albright-Hanna

 July 25, 2016
Getty Images
Now that there's nothing 'presumptive’ about Donald J. Trump becoming the Republican nominee for president, some people are getting more uncomfortable with the increasingly realistic chance that the real estate mogul could actually make it to the Oval Office. Traditional conservatives are becoming more vocal about the candidate, as seen in public denouncements of Trump’s policies, actions, and speeches. Take, for example, New York Times’ right-leaning writer David Brooks’ recent article entitled “The Dark Night,” an essay about how the recent fear-mongering ploys by the Republican nominee "takes the pervasive collection of anxieties that plague America and it concentrates them on the most visceral one: fear of violence and crime.”
So how do you explain Trump’s continued popularity? Perhaps the physicist can shed some light on the situation?
I can’t,” Stephen Hawking said, after being asked in a interview with CNN affiliate ITV to explain Trump’s unprecedented political ascension. 
For someone who has the ability to explain the unexplainable, this observation is a bit disappointing. However, the (arguably) smartest person on Earth did go on to offer his personal take on the man:
He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.”

Trump has yet to comment, but don't be surprised if there’s a tweet storm a’ brewin’. 


Donald J. Trump spoke on Tuesday in Ashburn, Va.
Ignoring Advice, Donald Trump Presses Attack on Khan Family and G.O.P. Leaders


The continuing attacks threaten to shatter Mr. Trump's uneasy alliance with the Republican Party at the outset of the general election


Too good not to share. Kudos to the original poster. I don't care who you support. This is funny.
If you ask Donald Trump anything, he's always the best at it.
You: "Donald, have you ever tossed monkeys?"
Trump: "I have, and let me tell you, I've tossed so many monkeys. I'm the best monkey tosser on this stage. In fact, I've got people in Washington tossing monkeys right now, and you know what? They only toss the best monkeys, and if I become President I'm gonna toss the most monkeys out of anybody and the people are going to love my monkeys; they will be the most beautiful monkeys, okay?
AND, to be honest with you, the monkeys will be tossed 10 feet higher and we'll have MEXICO pay for those high-tossed monkeys! It's going to be beautiful, fantastic, the best, yuge (like my fingers)--folks, we're going to win again at tossing monkeys."
Trump Fans: "OMG, this man is going to make monkey tossing great again."


Jennilyn Olayres weeping over the body of her husband, Michael Siaron, who was killed in the Manila metropolitan area last month.
Body Count Rises as Philippine President Wages War on Drugs


Since Rodrigo Duterte took office in June, promising a tough stance on drug suspects, more than 400 people have been killed, the news media said.


When in San Antonio, if you like Italian Restaurants, you MUST give this place a try

Osteria Il Sogno 
$$$ · Italian Restaurant
Address: 200 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215
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Buzzy, upmarket Italian trattoria serving innovative antipasti & mains in industrial-chic surrounds.
Write a reviewReview summary
35 reviews
"Esposa had linguine with clam sauce."
"Nice white table clothes and wine bottle lighting top it off nicely."
"Parmesan gnocchi."
Google reviews
Rocco Greco
3 months ago
A 5 star dining experience. Outstanding service, wonderful food and ambiance. You cant go wrong for a 1st class dining experience!
Carlos G. Lascurain
11 months ago
As I got through the door the hostess instructed a couple to sit on the bench while she would find them a table. Then proceeded to ask a waiter for availability (clearly they had no reservation), to find a table and set it up. There were ...More
Ben Acovio III
a year ago
My brother and I took my parent's to dinner to celebrate my Mom's 60th birthday and she got the biggest surprise of all, my dad actually like the food and he's a VERY hard one to please just because he doesn't like new. ...More
Zagat rated
A "don't‑miss" antipasti table "tempts" on arrival and leads to "expertly prepared", "innovative" Italian plates from chef‑owner Andrew Weissman (Sandbar) at this Pearl complex spot; it's "pricey", but servic...
This is what I ate.  :

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