Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Putin and Trump

"Warning.  Health Risk. Something you do everyday may be killing you.  Details on news at 11" ..... Want to pass unnecessary criminal laws?  Make THAT advertising punishable by public hanging without trial.

Wanting to borrow this morning a young person's zest for life.

 I may return it. Maybe not. Or to put it another way, I'm 

wondering why I haven't learned to knit.


Trump Blames Bad Poll Numbers on Existence of Numerical System



Kathleen G. Kane, the attorney general of Pennsylvania, was accused of leaking secret documents to discredit a political rival.
Pennsylvania's Attorney General Is Convicted on All Counts


The state's top prosecutor was accused of leaking secret grand jury information in an effort to discredit a political rival, then lying to cover it up.




Ivanka Trump is sight-seeing in

 Croatia with her BFF — 

Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend

While Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort is under fire for tight relationships with pro-Kremlin allies and Trump is denying he asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton, Trump’s eldest daughter and senior Trumpsitting manager is jet setting all over Croatia with Wendi Deng Murdoch, who is Russian president Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend.
According to Gawker, Ivanka Trump posted a photo on Instagram over the weekend with her friend, who happens to be the ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch and the current girlfriend of Putin.
Ivanka Trump and Wendi Deng Murdoch went “sight seeing” in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Photo: Instagram)
Ivanka Trump and Wendi Deng Murdoch went “sight seeing” in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Photo: Instagram)
People magazine cites a longtime friendship with Murdoch, who fixed Trump up with now-husband Jared Kushner.
The timing for the vacation isn’t exactly beneficial to Trump’s father, who has earned criticism for complicated comments about Russia, where he admitted he lied about meeting Putin, though he still fawned all over himtried and failed to sell Trump vodkain Russia, has financial ties to Russia, which the Clinton campaign says might be a reason he won’t release his tax returns. If that isn’t enough, Trump earned criticism for asking Russia to hack Clinton, then tried to claim he was “being sarcastic,” all whilerevelations are coming out about Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort and denying his campaign has anything to do with the Russian hackers who pulled a Watergate at the DNC and DCCC.
It is less than 90 days until the election in November, Trump’s campaign is in a polling free-fall and Ivanka Trump taking a vacation with the Russian president’s girlfriend probably doesn’t help the campaign.




Don't be the only one in your neighborhood not wearing one





Turkey’s Constitutional Court Strikes Down Law Making Sex With Girls Under 15 Sexual Abuse

by jonathanturley
150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenLike many Muslim countries, Turkey has a long and troubling history of child brides and arranged marriages. Some Islamic clerics have maintained that there can be no age limitation on child brides. They often note that Muhammad married Aisha when she was seven and consummated the marriage at nine years old.Just as Pakistan recently struck down its protection for girls from such abuse, the Turkish Constitutional Court has ruled annulled a provision that punishes all sexual acts against children under the age of 15 as “sexual abuse.” It is a major set back for girls and women in Turkey and another example of how the Islamic fundamentalists have taken over this once secular country under the authoritarian rule of our ally Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Donald J. Trump spoke at a campaign event at Youngstown State University in Ohio on Monday.
Donald Trump's Terrorism Plan Mixes Cold War Concepts and Limits on Immigrants


Mr. Trump, in a foreign policy address, called for "extreme vetting" of prospective new arrivals that would include an "ideological test."

15 Guantánamo Detainees Are Sent to Emirates in Largest Obama-Era Transfer


The Pentagon on Monday announced the move of 12 Yemenis and three Afghans, bringing the wartime prison's population to 61.


A body at the site of an airstrike on Monday at Abs Hospital in Yemen's northern Hajjah Province.
Bombing of Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Yemen Kills at Least 15


The bombing in northern Yemen came two days after airstrikes by Saudi warplanes killed at least 19 people, mostly children.

Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. at a campaign rally in Scranton, Pa., on Monday.
Biden Warns Trump Is Risk to U.S. Security


The vice president said Mr. Trump's remarks had already made him a danger to U.S. allies and military personnel, saying, "This guy's shame has no limits."
Donald J. Trump with his campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, left, before the final night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last month.
Trump Campaign and Its Chief, Paul Manafort, Try to Move Past Ukraine Report


The revelation that $12.7 million in cash payments from a pro-Russian political party were earmarked for Mr. Manafort provided yet another distraction to the campaign.

The Brief: Trump Spokeswoman Blames Gaffes on Earpiece

by John Reynolds | Aug. 16, 2016
Dallas County Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson.

The Big Conversation

Despite a couple of well publicized on-air flubs, Donald Trump's national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson told the Tribune that she's satisfied with her job performance overall.
As the Tribune's Abby Livingston reported Monday, Pierson, a Dallas-area Tea Party leader and former congressional candidate,wrongly stated over the weekend that President Barack Obama led the U.S. to war in Afghanistan. In that case and in another where she placed the blame for a soldier's 2004 death on Obama and Hillary Clinton, Pierson said the problem arose from her voice echoing in her earpiece which she said threw her off.
She told Livingston that other public officials misspeak from time to time and that her error rate while speaking is "0.03"percent in more than 600 interviews done for the GOP presidential nominee.
A few hours after the story published, Politico reported on another potentially problematic statement from Pierson in which she said during an interview with Fox Business Network that Trump's voters are supporting him "because they are tired of seeing left-wing reporters literally beat Trump supporters into submission into supporting policies they don’t agree with."

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