Sunday, August 14, 2016


Like you, I identify with certain plights of Trump.  For instance, "crooked Master Card" wants a payment this month.

Many political consultants are doctoring their resume by omitting their Trump experience.

Thanks for all of your splendid cooperation in assisting me with my goal of no human contact.  Really thoughtful of you.  Clairvoyant of you really,  since I hadn't announced my goal.

Lord.  Now they blame the war on Obama?  Even Bush  still objects to that.  Hope Obama has air tight alibi for where he was September 11

Trump's new book, "The Art of the Blame", is not selling well.

You've been doing it wrong. Trump declares he will never, ever, ever forgive the voters if he doesn't win.  Great trait for a President. Bitter resentment is quality we need in a President.  Not forgiveness nor understanding.  Teach this to your children please as it's  probably the one area Christianity and Christ are wrong? Just turn your back on your country if you don't get your way.  That builds strong countries. #nevereverevereverTrump

Constructive day today.  Running vinegar through my coffee pot. Smelly ordeal.


My pal's birthday.  Dan Beto


President Obama signing an executive order in February 2014 directing federal contractors to raise their minimum wage for federally funded workers.
Once Skeptical of Executive Power, Obama Has Come to Embrace It


Mr. Obama will leave the White House as one of the most prolific authors of major regulations in presidential history.

Representative Mike Coffman of Colorado sharing a meal with constituents at an Ethiopian festival this month. Mr. Coffman became the first House Republican to air an ad explicitly distancing himself from Donald J. Trump, the man at the top of the party's ticket.
A Congressman Slighted Immigrants, Then Embraced Them. Now He Runs From Trump.


Representative Mike Coffman of Colorado, seen as one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents this year, started learning Spanish after redistricting changed the demographics of his voting pool.
Editor:  What a statesman.  He would do anything to serve us.

A view of the Manhattan skyline from Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, a municipal course on the Bronx side of the Whitestone Bridge that cost the city $127 million.
Golf Course Deal With Donald Trump Leaves New York City in the Rough


A lavish municipal property bearing a presidential candidate's name yields little for the Bronx residents who live nearby.

IOC Declares Story of the Robbery Of U.S. Athletes As “Absolutely Not True” . . . Athletes Come Forward And Confirm The Robbery

by jonathanturley
Unknown-1225px-Ryan_Lochte_at_2013_ZajacAs made clear in a recent column, I am no fan of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) or its manifestly negligent decision to choose Rio as the location of this year's Olympics.  For the last year, the IOC has been in the full denial mode as various experts detailed the gross failures of Brazil to address shortfalls in pollution control and infrastructure.  Even with the health of athletes at stake, IOC officials have dismissed every health warning concerning the raw sewage in the water events and the rampant crime around the Olympic facilities.  The most recent example came with the latest robbery of athletes. In this case, Olympic star and three other athletes were held and robbed at gunpoint at a gasoline statement.  Despite public accounts coming from Lochte and his mother, the IOC assured the world media that the story was absolutely false.  Nothing to see here.  Of course, the story was true but the IOC seems to put truth just behind the health of athletes on the list of its priorities.









Rio Olympics: US swimmer Ryan Lochte and three others robbed

Ryan Lochte competes at the Rio OlympicsImage copyrightEPA
Image captionLochte's mother said her son was "shaken up" by the incident

Gold medal-winner Ryan Lochte and three other members of the US Olympic swimming team have been robbed at Rio.
Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen were stopped by people posing as armed police, the US Olympic Committee (USOC) said in a statement.
The robbers demanded money and other personal belongings.
Initially the International Olympic Committee (IOC) denied reports of the robbery, before the US committee confirmed it had taken place.
"All four athletes are safe and co-operating with authorities," the USOC's statement said.
The group had been attending a party at the French Olympic team's hospitality house when their taxi was stopped on the way back to the athletes' village.
News of the incident first emerged from Lochte's mother, Ileana, who told USA Today her son was unharmed but shaken by the theft.
"I think they're all shaken up. There were a few of them," she said.
Earlier, IOC spokesman Mark Adams said reports of the robbery were "absolutely not true".
Lochte swam in two events at the Rio Games, winning gold in the 4x200m freestyle relay.
In the build-up to the games, three members of the Spanish Olympics sailing teamand an Australian paralympian were robbed at gunpoint.
The Brazilian authorities have deployed more than 80,000 police and soldiers to patrol Rio during the games.

Security incidents at Rio 2016

  • 5 August - Two rowing coaches robbed at knifepoint on Ipanema beach, the Australian Olympic Committee says
  • 6 August - Security co-ordinator for the opening ceremony targeted in attempted robbery as he left the Maracana stadium the morning after - his guards opened fire on the assailants, killing one of them
  • 6 August - Portuguese education minister robbed in Ipanema as he was coming back from a cycling event
  • 11 August - Russian swimmer Evgeny Korotyshkin (not a competitor) posted a photo on Instagram of two armed men who robbed him near Ipanema - the photo has since been taken down

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