Wednesday, August 24, 2016

University of Texas students Protests Guns with Sex Toys

Someone please remind our Governor and our Lt. Governor that our success rate on children urinating and defecating at school in safety  the last hundred years is remarkable and probably one of our main successes. Let's move on to the many issues that Texas is failing and rank last in the nation.

Over posting could be harmful.  Too late for me.

There are always going to be those otherwise rational people that will send all their money to Nigerian Princesses, but thankfully Trump is finding out that it's really hard to con half an entire nation.


Protesters gathered last week in Marathon, Fla., as the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District's board met to discuss the release of genetically modified mosquitoes.
In Florida Keys, Some Worry About 'Science and Government' More Than Zika


Officials want to test genetically modified mosquitoes built to blunt the spread of dengue and Zika, but many Key Haven residents fear the experiment more than the viruses.

Many students who gathered to protest the new law carried sex toys, thousands of which were distributed to the crowd.
University of Texas Students Find the Absurd in a New Gun Law


At a rally against a state law allowing concealed handguns on campuses, protesters wave sex toys and say they consider the move obscene.


Lawyers recruited on Craigslist were unwitting 'front men' in phony law firms, Florida AG says

Two Florida men have been arrested for allegedly representing homeowners in phony law firms that recruited lawyers on Craigslist and used them as unwitting “front men.”
Police have charged Joseph Anton Hilton, 56, also known as Joseph Starr, and Adam Forman, 46, both of Parkland, with practicing law without a license, the Sun-Sentinel reports in a story noted by Bloomberg Big Law Business.
The Florida Attorney General’s office is seeking an injunction to prevent the men from posing as lawyers to provide legal foreclosure defense and loan modification services, according to a press release.
Hilton and Forman ran the Asset Protection Law Firm and other phony law firms, using names and bar numbers from the lawyers it recruited for legal filings and documents, according to the deceptive practices complaint (PDF) filed Aug. 18 by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.
The lawyers “were unknowingly and unwittingly utilized as the ‘front men’ for the fake law firms,” according to Bondi’s complaint. “The homeowner clients believed these licensed attorneys were representing them when, in fact, the attorneys had absolutely no idea the clients even existed.”
The lawyers recruited via Craigslist are told the law firm drafts all pleadings using form templates, does all the electronic filing, and has all the client contact, according to Bondi’s complaint. The lawyers’ names and bar numbers are used without their authorization on retainer agreements, letterhead, pleadings, corporate filings and boilerplate pleadings, the complaint says.
“When the contract attorney realizes something is amiss,” the complaint says, “the enterprise quickly moves on to the next unsuspecting and often brand-new lawyer.”
The law firm also used the names Heritage Law Group, Liberty Law Group, Consumer Legal Resources, Consumer Legal Advocates, Legal Referral Services, Galler Lehman Law and Selective Housing Solutions, according to the Attorney General’s press release. The complaint lists additional nonlawyers who allegedly managed and worked at the phony law firms, located in Coral Springs, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.
Consumers who hired the firms were told to stop making mortgage payments and to pay the law firm instead. Rather than protecting consumers, the law firms did no more than send “meaningless paperwork” to lenders and file “boilerplate pleadings … that do not obtain any meaningful results,” the complaint says.
The Attorney General’s office says it received 37 complaints from consumers about the legal representation.



Judge declares mistrial in tobacco case, accuses BigLaw partner of 'egregious' comments

A Florida judge has declared a mistrial in a tobacco case and ordered a King & Spalding partner to show cause why he shouldn’t have to pay sanctions for the cost of a retrial.
Miami-Dade Circuit Judge William Thomas pointed to a trial comment by lawyer W. Randall Bassett in declaring a mistrial, the Daily Business Review(sub. req.) reports. Bassett represented R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. in a suit seeking to hold the tobacco company liable in the death of smoker Booker Davis.
Thomas alleged that Bassett made an improper comment while questioning an expert witness for the defense, according to the Daily Business Review article. Bassett said a jury in another tobacco case had found how many cigarettes must be smoked each day to suggest a nicotine addiction, the judge said.
Thomas said a lawyer can’t tell jurors about verdicts in similar cases, and in any event the statement was not true. The other jury hadn’t decided the question of the plaintiff’s addiction, the judge said.
“Knowingly endangering the entire proceeding—in the manner involved in this case—cannot be tolerated under any circumstances and the court is left with no choice but to declare a mistrial,” Thomas wrote.
Thomas alleged that Bassett’s comments during the trial were “premeditated, willful and egregious.”
Bassett and a law firm spokesperson did not immediately respond to ABA Journal emails seeking comment.


Lower-tier law schools and Trump University are a whole lot alike. Let’s count the ways…
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Liz coming tomorrow to give me a photoshop lesson. Don't know why I am so excited. I guess I just really like to learn.

The Farce That Is FOIA: The State Department Stonewalled The Associated Press For Three Years On Foundation Donor Story

by jonathanturley
StateDepartmentI recently discussed the implications of Associated Press story on access given to donors to the Clinton Foundation. However, what is not getting much attention is that theObama Administration delayed these journalist investigators for THREE YEARS in seeking this information from the State Department. Three years and the AP had to go to court to secure what is clearly public information. The Obama Administration is not unique in its resistance to disclosures, even in what President Obama once pledged would be the "most transparent" government in history. FOIA has long been reduced to a farce by bureaucrats who force public interest, reporters, and legal groups to go to court to secure information. The lack of outrage over what the AP was put through is ample proof that the government has won in harassing efforts to use FOIA. Only the most organized groups tend to persist in such efforts.


EU Chief Blasts The Very Notion Of National Borders In The Latest Call For Globalism

by jonathanturley
Ioannes_Claudius_Juncker_die_7_Martis_2014For years, European Union advocates denied allegations that they were trying to erase national borders and create a single country with a shared military. Then recently proposals for a single military emerged -- just before Britain left the EU. One of the most effective criticisms made against the EU before Brexit was to challenge voters to actually name the people in charge of the EU and policies affecting their lives. Now, the head of the EU has gone out of his way to confirm the worst suspicions of critics. The much-maligned EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker has publicly denounced the very concept of national borders as the "worst invention ever."

An injured man was rescued from the rubble of a collapsed building in Amatrice, Italy, on Wednesday after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake.
After Earthquake in Italy, 'Half the Town No Longer Exists'


In Amatrice, a town in central Italy known for a classic pasta dish, rubble piles blocked every street.


Feyisa Lilesa, a runner from Ethiopia, caught the world's attention Sunday when, at the finish line of the Olympic marathon, he raised his arms in solidarity with the Oromo people in his country. Jeffrey Gettleman, East African bureau chief, weighs in on the symbol of defiance and why Mr. Lilesa fears he can't return home.

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