Friday, September 30, 2016

Imagine: Trump says he just wanted respect...not the responsibilities.

Historic election.  First woman. OR.  First candidate who publicly  defended his genitals in response to Rubio's "small hands" criticism.

When Amazon wants to meet you personally, it may be time to curb your spending.

Young people, think they are sooo smart.  Yet they don't know enough to enjoy every moment a really intelligent person is pushing a sharp pointed metal object into their skin and blood...just to test things.

Texas Probation does a good job on collecting court cost and its fees, in fact you can go to back to jail for not paying that.  Victim restitution?  Not so much. Can't be that bothered too much worrying about that.

Bellville photographer opens up Photography shop in my building in Sealy. I wish her success! Finally someone to talk to about f/stops instead of Writ of Attachments.

Bowl of Soup.  I want all my money back I spent on Jaguars and Porsches when I was young. Had I known then what joy a good bowl of soup and a cloth napkin would bring me in my old age compared to then, I'd never have bought them.  These days, if you throw in a live violin playing in the background and a lit candle I'd think I'd feel the urge to buy a Viagra.  

Yes I know people who still wear watches.  Private message me for their identity.



Law banning ballot selfies violates First Amendment, federal appeals court says

Sep 29, 2016, 2:53 pm CDT

Supreme Court to consider law banning disparaging trademarks

Sep 29, 2016, 10:27 am CDT

Judge calls defense lawyer 'grossly incompetent' and removes her from murder case

Sep 29, 2016, 9:47 am CDT


University of Wisconsin – La Crosse: Students Encourages To Submit Their Halloween Costumes For Review For Possible Racist Elements

by jonathanturley
unknownThe University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse has been much in the news these days and, for some, the news is not good.  The school seems at the heart of a national trend toward hyper-sensitivity and intense scrutiny over the use of free speech.  In one recent inside, a student objected to a Harry Potter mural that was condemned as depicting  “Man power. Cis power. Able power. Class power.”  Then there is the school's "Hate Response Team" which has investigated such alleged offensive terms as "All Lives Matter" and "Trump."  Then last December, the Vice Chancellor apologized for the "fear and angst" caused by a truck that drove through campus with a rebel flag on its grille.  Now the Ethnic and Racial Studies Department of UW LaCrosse have posted signs for the review of Halloween costumes to determine if they are racist.


New York Attorney General Moves Against Trump Foundation

by jonathanturley
495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreWe have been discussing the serious allegations against Donald Trump’s charitable foundation, which have been used in transactions that are linked to Trump's businesses rather than charities.   — which has been sustained for years by donors outside the Trump family — has never obtained the certification that New York requires before charities can solicit money from the public, according to the state attorney general’s office.  Now, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) has made the surprising allegation that the Donald J. Trump Foundation does not have the necessary registration and annual audit to operate as a large foundation.  I have been critical of Schneiderman in his investigation of climate change skeptics.  However, the failure to obtain this necessary registration and comply with basic auditing is quite surprising. Once again, I am unclear how any attorneys representing Trump could continue to maintain the charity without satisfying such basic legal requirements, particularly one (the auditing) designed to prevent the very type of intermingling of funds that been raised by critics.
jonathanturley | 1, September



why do I doubt this ends up correct?

Political Pressure Forces Wells Fargo Executives to Give Back $60 Million As Punishment

Read the full story...



Trump wanted less-attractive women fired, employees say

If he's elected it'll be great. Jobs for pretty people only.


Matthew Muller
How much prison time is he facing?
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