Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kardashian shows me I've lived too long

There will be a meeting of cats at 7pm at my house for those cats whose owners refuse to post their pictures on Facebook.  We can help you.  Little cat cookies served afterwards.

Remember when we thought how we treated our enemies showed the world our true character and what we were really all about?  What the hell were we thinking?

* Kim Kardashian wants to go to law school. Maybe she should worry about a Bachelor’s degree first. [ Daily Caller ]

Why is it the insurance company isn't ever named when someone secures a civil rights judgment against a city or police department?  IT is the one that decides to pay the judgment or settlement, never the city or police.  Why can't there be true transparency?




Judge Resigns Amid Allegations He Sexted During Judicial Conduct Commission Meeting
John Council, Texas Lawyer
September 23, 2016
A former member of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct has voluntarily resigned from the bench in lieu of discipline after the agency investigated whether he sexted with a woman during a commission hearing.
Joel Patrick Baker is an attorney who served as Smith County judge and headed its commissioners' court and also formerly served as vice chairman of the commission.
In March, the commission began investigating whether Baker cast discredit on both the judiciary and the agency that polices them by exchanging graphic messages, photos and videos with a woman while he was attending a commission meeting and later at a judicial education conference.
According to the voluntary agreement, which was released Sept. 23, the commission alleged that Baker failed to cooperate with its investigation by: failing to produce evidence; deleting information from his social media account and his cell phone before donating the phone to charity; failing to provide complete and candid answers to the commission's inquiries; and attempting to influence the testimony of a witness.
Baker served on the judicial conduct commission from 2009 until March, when he resigned from the post after the commission began investigating him.
In his March 4 resignation letter to the commission, Baker noted that he had been dealing with the loss of his father and was suffering from stress, depression and grief. "I want closure and healing for me and my family, and I need my priorities to be on my family first, and my job second," Baker wrote.
Baker was suspended from his judicial office by the commission without pay June 21 after he was indicted for two misdemeanor counts of allegedly closing a public meeting in order to award a red-light camera contract to a company. Baker has denied the allegations in the criminal case, which is still pending.
According to the voluntary agreement that Baker signed Sept. 20, he does not admit guilt, fault or liability. In exchange for leaving office by Nov. 4 — or whenever the criminal case against him concludes — the commission agrees to pursue no further disciplinary action against Baker. He is also forever disqualified from sitting or serving as a judge in Texas, according to the agreement.
Baker could not be located for comment.

Psychologist uses 'memory hacking' to convince test subjects that they committed crimes

Sep 22, 2016, 12:10 pm CDT

Bella and Tilli



State Lawsuit Against Police Officer Allegedly Assaulting 15 Year Old Girl Removed To Federal Court

by Darren Smith
By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.
monique-tillman-tacoma-mall-cameraIn May of this year, we reported a disturbing allegation of an unlawful use of force against a then fifteen-year-old girl by a Tacoma Police Officer working an off-duty assignment at a large shopping mall.
Originally filed in with the Pierce County Washington Superior Court, on September 19th the case wasremoved to the U.S. District Court of Western Washington.
Surveillance video shows what appears to be disturbing actions by a professional police officer used against a petite fifteen year old for alleged criminal acts against her that were later dismissed. Plaintiff alleges in her tort claim that race discrimination was a factor in the incident.


Senator Ted Cruz at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.
Ted Cruz Announces Support for Donald Trump


Two months after refusing to endorse Mr. Trump at the G.O.P. convention, the senator said he had decided to vote for the nominee after "searching my own conscience."


With one major legal battle seemingly behind them, Sandra Bland's survivors and advocates are gearing up for the next phase of their quest to wrest change from the 28-year-old black woman's death. It is unclear whether the Texas Department of Public Safety will make any changes to its training policies following the announced settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Sandra Bland.

In a Facebook post, singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne said he was canceling a scheduled show at the University of Texas at Austin due to concerns with Texas’ new campus carry law.


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