Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mexican President

After helping a client get an uncontested default divorce this morning, I like to shake everyone's hand in the court room  that I thought came to watch my performance. I'm even willing to pose for cell photographs.   I'm almost sure I heard the Judge say that my behavior was annoying and embarrassing.  He's obviously never been to a Elvis or Bruce Springsteen concert to see what the proper decorum is after a performance.


Law firm says it got nearly 26,000 calls after multimillion-dollar talcum powder verdicts

Sep 2, 2016, 8:00 am CDT

Suits seek to block Arkansas referendum that would cap attorney fees and damages in medical cases

Sep 2, 2016, 7:00 am CDT

Texas AG sues county that banned guns at building with courthouse, county offices

Sep 1, 2016, 11:24 am CDT

Mexican President Peña Nieto Says Trump Lied About Paying For Wall





my daughter's new pup


The Fight For Free Speech: University of Chicago Leads Counter-Movement Against Speech Regulation

by jonathanturley
Unknown-2Below is my column on free speech on college campuses and the courageous decision of the University of Chicago to reject "safe spaces" and speech regulation.  We are facing a growing movement to curtail free speech on campuses.  Conservatives rightfully complain that they are being silenced as hecklers bar speakers and administrators punish unpopular speech. The forced silence of students and faculty will be the death knell for American higher education.  Too many faculty are unwilling to speak against these measures in fear that they will be labeled racist or micro aggressors.  Others like University of Chicago Professor Eric Posner have readily embraced speech regulations by belittling college students as just impressionable children.
They think universities are treating students like children. And they are right. But they have also not considered that the justification for these policies may lie hidden in plain sight: that students are children. Not in terms of age, but in terms of maturity. Even in college, they must be protected like children while being prepared to be adults.
So now people who are adults legally will be dismissed as children to justify the imposition of speech codes where faculty dictate what is acceptable or unacceptable viewpoints.  It is incumbent upon the rest of us to fight the rising tide of speech regulation and intolerance. To that end, every faculty senate should consider replicating the letter of the University of Chicago to its incoming class, as discussed in the column below.


CNN Blurs Out Trump Tee-Shirt In Interview With Hero Former Police Officer

by jonathanturley
Unknown-1CNN has become the leading target of conservatives objecting to a bias in the media in both attacking Donald Trump and giving Hillary Clinton a pass on her own controversies. Now Headline News has blurred the name "Trump" on the tee-shirt of a hero former police officer being interviewed for saving a baby. It appears that someone viewed his shirt as unacceptable to be shown as if it were profanity. This followed a controversy at CNN where a Trump tweet was edited to remove the word "Crooked" in front of Hillary Clinton's name.
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Mizzou Enrollment Falls By Almost A Quarter In The Aftermath Of The Black Lives Matter Protests

by jonathanturley
University_of_Missouri_sealThe University of Missouri continues its free fall after the Black Lives Matter protests. "Mizzou" has now lost almost a quarter of its freshman class. That is devastating for any academic institution and Mizzou is reportedly closing dorms due to lack of students.


The Brief: Convictions Remain Rare When Police Shoot

by Alex Samuels | Sept. 2, 2016

The Big Conversation

As national scrutiny of police shootings remains intense, prosecutions of Texas police officers who use lethal force remain a rare occurrence.
The Texas Tribune's Unholstered project analyzed data from the state’s 36 largest cities and found that at least 881 officers were involved in police shootings.
Seven officers have faced criminal charges for pulling the trigger in that period. None have been convicted, so far. In most cases, investigators and grand juries determine that officers were justified in using their weapons.
The series also looks for answers to other questions surrounding police use of deadly force, such as whether minorities are more likely to be shot and situations when the individual is unarmed or when the officer is off duty.


Discipline, Charges Rare in Texas Police Shootings

Even When Off Duty, Police Officers Have Wide Discretion to Shoot





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