Wednesday, October 12, 2016

30 years on Hillary fair, but Trump wants counter attack on him only to go back to last week

Trump goes on the attack on Hillary for everything from 30 years ago to present, but wants the counter attack to only include his last 90 days.

Join me in my campaign to have everyone who disagrees with me or doesn't like what I say, or who just doesn't like me  to be put in jail. Oh.  And their lawyers too.

Let's make a pact that we support whoever is elected president so we can keep our country together. Let's give it at least 90 days before we try to impeach. Can we at least do that?

I ordered the slice of chocolate pie to go as I didn't want people to see me eat it.  Around here  I'm sort of a role model and an inspiration to other body builders.  Besides, when you eat it at home I don't think it counts.

Some of the things Donald says is right on.  We ARE sick and tired of things not getting done.  Too bad though that we couldn't come up with a better choice besides him.

Tort Reform. We're having a little trouble here identifying the person or company in America Donald Trump has not either sued or threatened to sue.  Will all four of you please stand up or raise your hand? (if you dare).


Trooper's Attorneys Want Second Grand Jury in Bland Arrest Case


Who knew Star Wars was real?

Pentagon Confronts a New Threat From ISIS: Exploding Drones


The group had been using surveillance drones, but a recent attack that killed two Kurdish fighters highlighted its success in developing an effective new weapon.



The United States subjected Suleiman Abdullah Salim to harsh tactics in a secret prison and held him without charge for years. He was found not to be a terrorist threat, but he pays a deep price to this day.
. Part 1: How U.S. Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds
. Video  Video: Memories of a Secret C.I.A. Prison





America. I know I'm lucky. I can't remember missing a meal.  Today's truck stop meal depicted.





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