Saturday, October 15, 2016

Austin County Fair

Millennials. Some say putting pot ON the ballots will get them to vote. Others say putting pot IN the ballot would be better though there is the risk of them eating the ballot.

By now the news is not the what he has done, it's the evangelicals that  supported him.

Trump to file suit against everyone who won't vote for him. Shopping for judge with right ethnicity now.

Austin County Fair didn't work for me today.  Too many memories of such great, exciting times with beautiful, happy wife and 3 little children having the time of their life.  I miss them all so much I couldn't really enjoy my visit today. I'll try again in 15 years.



Austin County Photo Competition for youngsters.

Buyer's Appreciation Dinner - Austin County Fair

========================================================================== the park in Sealy


Austin County Fair



Government Agencies Should Reconsider Using Facebook And Twitter

by Darren Smith
By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.
Twitter LogoThe increasing trend of Facebook and Twitter to censor speech based often on political ideology gives government agencies cause to reconsider using these providers for disseminating official information and publications. Moreover, privacy issues inherent with these social media companies could do harm to vulnerable individuals who simply request information from their government.
In articles featured on this website, we described content based censorship on Twitter & Facebook (Suspension of Conservative James O'Keefe, filtering negative comments about President Obama, outright banning Milo Yiannopoulos, and allegations of associates of Facebook suppressing conservative views{via Gizmodo}and numerous others.)
The increasing regularity of bias and removal of content presents a concerning environment where political views of these companies bring into question their reliability and objectivity for which government and government agencies provide information.
Perhaps it is time to shift away and take back control of the messaging.
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The Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee, Fla.
Death Sentences Require Unanimous Jury, Florida Supreme Court Rules


The State Supreme Court reached the decision after an earlier law requiring the assent of 10 of 12 jurors was ruled unconstitutional.

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