Wednesday, October 19, 2016

lot of things wrong, but not this

He got a lot of things wrong, but no one can criticize this:


Houston Rockets Player Bobby Brown Writes Graffiti On Great Wall and Then Brags About It On Social Media

by jonathanturley
cujicwyueaegsw6-jpg-largeBobby Brown, a professional NBA player with the Houston Rockets, has secured a position for himself in the Moron Hall of Fame a recent trip to China after he decided to improve the Great Wall of China by first drawing his name on the stone and then bragging about it.

John Lennon's lawyer explains how musician's deportation case changed immigration law (podcast)

Oct 19, 2016, 8:30 am CDT

Trump Calls For Congressional Term Limits

by jonathanturley
800px-Capitol_Building_Full_ViewRepublican presidential nominee Donald Trump called this week for term limits for congressional members as part of his pledge "to drain the swamp.” He would limit members of the House of Representatives to a maximum of six years and limit Senators to 12 years in office. I have long opposed such term limits as curtailing the power of voters to choose their own leaders while undermining the effectiveness of Congress, particularly in the House.



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