Sunday, October 16, 2016

Off to Brenham today

For those that think everything is "historical"  about this Presidential election indicates to me that you have not read history all that much.

Another concern I have is that the loser of the election will start a wildly popular talk radio show to keep our national divide going.

Sad political discourse in the media these days.  Aren't you glad we don't know about the sexual proclivities of our Founding Fathers?


Gallup Says Only 28 Percent of Voters Are Satisfied With The Election . . . Who Are These People?

by jonathanturley
495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreHillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziThe release of the latest Gallup poll was hardly surprising in finding that most Americans are deeply upset about this election and the state of our political system. After all, the two major parties that control this nation have given voters the two most unpopular candidates in the history of presidential politics to choose between. In speaking around the country, I have been struck with how angry people are in both liberal and conservative areas. Yet, what really surprised me is that there are 28 percent of Americans who are actually satisfied with our political system and this election. Who are these people?


On my Silsbee friend's 350 acre ranch

My daughter likes photography also.


Graphic GRAPHIC: Handguns Are the New Home Security


A new study of gun ownership in the United States notes a shift: Americans are increasingly interested in handguns.

Went to my 1962 Silsbee High School Reunion today.  We gave prizes to those that still had most of the original body parts.

Margaret.  I first fell in love with her when we were 14 or 15


Is Eight Enough?

by supremebystander
Cara L. Gallagher, weekend contributor, and James Coll, adjunct professor of Constitutional History at Hofstra University
The vacancy on the Supreme Court that materialized with the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia this past February, and endures into the current term that began last week, has Americans perplexed about the kind of Supreme Court we want to have. It also has us revisiting the kind of Supreme Court the U.S. Constitution requires us to have. These distinctly different contemplations, although both deserving of our attention, are all too often mistakenly confused as being the same concern.
Given the choice, I favor a nine-member Court. The downside of an even-numbered bench has been evident to most Americans as recently as the last term when important decisions about executive powers, immigration, and unions were left with 4-4 deadlocks for us to see the obvious benefit a ninth justice on the bench would have provided.
Yet just because I would rather have—and simple math would prefer—a fully-staffed Supreme Court doesn't mean the Constitution requires it. Read more of this post

By DAVID LAT on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2016 6:42 PM
Wendi Adelson
What might happen to the two children of Dan Markel and Wendi Adelson in the event of arrests?


Success Spoils a U.S. Program to Round Up Wild Horses


The U.S. has struggled to limit wild horse populations since Congress passed a law in 1971 protecting the animals on public land in 10 Western states.




Can the answer to what ails the global economy be found in the people in blue vests at your neighborhood Walmart?


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