Saturday, November 19, 2016

Election's over.

C'mon Facebook. Election is over. Let's get back to posting something we really are experts's peering through a slice of bread.

We've never had a President who has told us so repeatedly, so it must be true,  that he knows everything better than anyone in America.  So imagine how hard it is for him to dole out power to cabinet heads, knowing in his heart that they are inferior to him... in any field of expertise.

Dear Santa. I don't want a puppy for Christmas. I want to BE a puppy.

Washington Mall & American Pride - Artists are vying for commission for statute of President Trump to be erected on our famous mall.  The concept will be "Please don't grab our women there"

Humans are silly. I don't know what makes me happier, the arrival of a new golf club, or the arrival of some new photographic equipment.  All I know is that it most often it changes nothing.

Silver Lining.  Donald got what he wanted.  He doesn't need anyone now.  Who knows?  We may not see much of him anymore for 4 years when he will spin us again... and we will probably go for it again.  

Trump's words, not mine, about Romney "I could have told him to drop to his knees and he would have dropped to his knees".  Romney was supposed to meet with Trump today. Strange silence about that meeting.


My golf has been terrible lately and particularly so today.  I may have to finally give it up after playing (off and on) for 50 years.  I guess I could take long walks, but that seems so boring and admitting that I am soon to be 72 years old.

Mostly I'll miss the camaraderie with my younger golfing pals.



“Hamilton” Performance Interrupted By Boos Directed As Pence Followed By Statement From The Cast

by jonathanturley
playbill_from_the_original_broadway_production_of_hamiltonVice President Mike Pence decided to take a break from the work on the transition to attend the award-winning musical "Hamilton." In a remarkably classless and rude demonstration, audience members booed the Vice President-elect both upon his arrival and then at various points in the performance. The cast then read a statement to Pence about fears over the expected policies of the Trump Administration.


Left, Attorney General Roy Cooper, a Democrat, leads Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina, right, by more than 6,500 votes.
North Carolina Republicans Battle to Save Governor, Trailing by Whisker


As Roy Cooper, the Democrat, leads Gov. Pat McCrory by 6,500 ballots, legal and political jockeying by Republicans is raising the specter of a recount.

Never mind that many on food stamps are in the military, or  work for starvation wages.




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