Sunday, November 13, 2016

He may make America great, but he failed to make my golf game great today.

He may makeAmerica great, but he failed to make my golf game great today.

Still hopeful.  With Republicans clearly in power in Washington and 33 states, I am wishing them/us the best. I hope they have the answers to everything as promised,  as only they can fix us  now.  Show us what you got!  Make us proud and thankful.

I see people on  Facebook are still trying to make America hate again.  Give it a rest until the next election.

I'm guessing one of the reasons Trump won was we all identified with him.  He too has children and like us we know $11 billion is not enough these days what with our annual rate of inflation at 1.5% and the DJ stock market only at 18,000.

How great will he make us?  Will we go back to Cheney torture, or go a little further back than Cheney to when we thought it was a crime and that we were better than that?

Your cell number, for some people,  now may be the key to more information about you than your social security number.



These Prosecutors Campaigned for Less Jail Time — And Won

Reform-minded candidates unseat incumbents in some races.





Jury Deadlocks in Trial of Ex-Officer in Killing of Unarmed Black Driver in Cincinnati


Brandy, still alive, kicking and attending Aggie football games. Here with Maria.


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