Friday, November 18, 2016

Sounds like someone just grabbed Trump back today.

Ivanka selling her line of bracelets that she wore on 60 Minutes interview for $10,000 each.  Hell, I remember when we elected less fortunate people to high office it was a fun way for them to promote OTHERS' line of clothes and jewelry thus helping the economy and business through helping others.  Remember that?  Strange times ahead that will soon just be accepted by all.

If I am seen punching a woman in the face, I'm arrested immediately.   If a cop is seen punching a woman in the face, it takes weeks to conduct an investigation before an arrest or detention.  I don't get it.  It's just an arrest.  Not a trial.  Not a conviction.  Charges can be dismissed.

Trump Effect.  He IS kind of hypnotic.  People all over the country are beginning to confess to crimes they WANT to commit.

Changed my will to leave some of my dance moves to charity. I'm known for thinking of others.

So much history being made.  Maybe his  Presidential library will finally reveal if he ever paid any income taxes.  First Lady photographs will be under lock and key for evangelicals only to view. Presidential historians for the first time will be studying multiple pre-nuptial agreements and divorces.  So much audio conversations of the 45th President may be on our children's future class room tests for schools that allow "r" rated classes. 





Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn at Trump Tower in Manhattan on Thursday.
Trump Is Said to Offer National Security Post to Michael Flynn, Retired General


The move could put a retired intelligence officer who believes Islamist militancy poses an existential threat in one of the most powerful roles in shaping military and foreign policy.

Jared Kushner, President-elect Donald J. Trump's son-in-law, at Trump Tower in Manhattan on Sunday.
Donald Trump's Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner, Tests Legal Path to White House Job


Such a move could violate federal anti-nepotism law and risk legal challenges and political backlash.

“Your Extraordinary Story”: British Woman Reports Gang Rape . . . Dubai Police Arrest Victim For Extra Marital Sex

by jonathanturley
zara-jayne-moisey2Dubai has been promoting its country as a vacation spot to the world -- a rather implausible destination for most. Attracting Western tourists to a country that follow strict Muslim rules is a hard sell. That was driven home by the least outrage from an Islamic legal system after Zara-Jayne Moisey, 25, reported her gang rape and gave the names of her attackers, two British men. Dubai police responded by allowing the alleged rapists to leave the country and then arrested Moisey for criminal extra-marital sex. Welcome to Dubai, the desert paradise.



Welcome To The Ghost Hotel: Kabul Hyatt Still Not Completed After 10 Years And $85 Million In Taxpayer Money

by jonathanturley
694940094001_5214588198001_kabul-ghost-hotel-shows-troubling-lack-of-oversightWe have yet another example of how our government has thrown away billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan without any discipline or repercussions for federal officials or contractors. The latest example is the "ghost hotel" of Kabul -- a massive construction site for the Marriott Kabul that has never been completed but the taxpayer money has checked out without a trace. Just poof.

Sounds like someone just grabbed Trump back today.

Trump agrees to settle fraud case for $25 million: source

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