Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trump wins

Trying to see how things directly affect me.  I can't see me ever needing an abortion.  I'm too old to be drafted. I never wanted to marry a guy anyway.  Cameras should still be legal. He leads the nation in suing people, so lawyers should be safe for a while.  I have copies of my birth certificates secured in two different places. I don't use Obamacare. I'm not important enough for powerful people to want me in jail.   I've never seen and photographed the Great Wall in China but I might get to photograph a free Trump Wall.   Though now allowed, I don't really want to grab women.  I'm still a white male.  I think I'm good.  I just have to give up on caring about people who aren't. Sadly, I can do that. I'm not perfect. Yep.  Think I'm good.

Incidentally, let's give him his 100 days before we start the Presidential campaign for 2020.  We need a break.  Please.  And don't even THINK about impeachment until the honeymoon is over.


Austin County Bar Meeting



by jonathanturley
donald_trump_august_19_2015_croppedIt appears that that "basket of deplorables" was a bit larger than Hillary Clinton expected. I was up to 4 am at Fox participating in the coverage of the election from New York. This was my fourth such presidential election as part a media team and it was fascinating to watch unfold at the campaign headquarters at Fox. In the end, I was less than sympathetic with democrats who expressed shock to me early this morning. As I have previously written, the Democratic National Committee and establishment (including allies in the media) did everything they could to engineer the election of Hillary Clinton. While they had an extremely popular candidate in Bernie Sanders as well as Vice President Joe Biden, they insisted on advancing Clinton despite her being deeply disliked and the ultimate symbol of the establishment that the public was rallying against. As the close race indicated, the selection of a Sanders or Biden would have likely produced a sweep of both the White House and the Senate for the Democrats. Instead, they lost them both by forcing voters to vote for someone with record negatives. Voters were clear that they did not want Clinton, but the Democrats assumed that the "lesser of two evils" approach would again prevail. They were wrong. Many people voted for third party candidates and many people on the fence refused to pick the candidate most associated with the establishment and the status quo. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Donna Brazile, and others engineered an utter disaster for their party.


World Awakes to Shock and Uncertainty at Prospect of a Trump Presidency


Amid signs of a stunning upset, nations begin bracing for the possibility of an upending of the world order.


In county where Sandra Bland died, sheriff is re-elected

Republicans sweep Texas Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals races




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