Saturday, November 12, 2016


Shrewd businessman. For less than 1% of his alleged wealth, no taxes paid,  he now owns one of the most powerful countries in the world.  You gotta give him that.

Guess I will be re-study lyin' Hillary's tax returns this weekend, because there is no chance we will ever compare it to  our President's tax return.  Now that he owns the IRS I suspect the audit will last until he is 80. Blind Trust?  He will probably mimic the Dick Cheney thing and just hope for "blind Americans" rather than a blind trust.  Hope Trump has forgotten that Cheny DID shoot a man.

In fairness in Trump's upcoming trial the Judge said the lawyers should pick a jury that doesn't know anything about him.  The lawyers announced, "Easy  Judge.  We'll just pick from  the people that voted for him."

 Instead of repealing and replacing Obamacare, Trump repeals and replaces Chris Christi.  Promises of much better insurance for "much less money" was appealing to voters.

Interesting that our "law and order" President, never studied law. Not even a little. Buckle up.

Getting dressed to go to a friend's daughter's wedding. I know Trump won and is the law of the land now, but I'm still going to try and not act Presidential and start grabbing.  Call me a stubborn sore loser.



Donald Trump Says He May Keep Parts of Obama 

Health Care Act


Mr. Trump indicated he would like to keep a provision that forces insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions and another that allows parents to cover children into their mid-20s.


Julia W


Hugh Mungus Social Justice Warrior Fail Nets Man $140,000

by Darren Smith
By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.
Rudy Pantoja Jr. aka Hugh Mungus
Rudy Pantoja Jr.
aka Hugh Mungus
After thanking police at a September, 2016 Seattle City Council meeting for helping his addicted daughter find social services, and confronted by a frenzied social justice warrior who screamed out that she was sexually harassed by his providing a joke name, Rudy Pantoja Jr. has so far received over $140,000.00 in donations in a truly bizarre story of how sometimes being confronted by Precious Snowflakes can be not only immensely annoying, it has a potential for immense earnings.
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Freelance photographer shot this at a Trump rally.



Look what I found in my medicine cabinet! The sprayer head broke off after I used it a few times. Quiet old. Must have been made in China.

It's little things like this that might save me from a firing squad some day.




Sarah Brewton got married today

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