Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Turns out my closest friends on Facebook are Russian bots. Cause for concern?

Perry to lead Department he wants to abolish.

Perry a few months ago called Trump a "barking carnival act." Proving once again in Politics words don't matter.

Michelle Obama was once criticized for the expense of a vacation.  Our next first lady will cost us more by staying home five days.

Not sure I'm comfortable with new health care proposal requiring Doctors to consider in their diagnosis a person's Facebook posts to determine if the life is worth saving.



Saudi Woman Arrested For Moving Abaya Covering In Public

by jonathanturley
nintchdbpict0002862353491-e1480673820788We recently discussed the latest outrage a protest by Malak Al Shehri, who decided to do what most women around the world do without a second's thought: she went out into public without covering herself up with a veil or hijab. Malak then posted herself on a public street. The result was outrage with some calling for her to be beheaded or "thrown to the dogs." Now she has been arrested under the medieval Islamic Sharia system -- religious orthodoxy masquerading as a legal system and imposed by "judges" who are little more than clerics coercing citizens to adhere to their religious views.


Penn Students Remove Portrait of Shakespeare With Black Feminist Author

by jonathanturley
william-shakespeareWe have previously followed controversies at leading universities where students have objected to reading works by white males (even as part of classic English literature courses). Now, students at the University of Pennsylvania removed a portrait of Shakespeare from a prominent location in the school’s English department because he is a white male. He was replaced by Audre Lorde, a black feminist and author who died in 1992.


Sweden Importing Trash After Recycling 100 Percent of Its Waste

by jonathanturley
flag_of_sweden-svg220px-recycling_symbol-svgWe have discussed previously how the United States has lost the lead in environmental sciences and policy. The latest such example is Sweden, which is now importing garbage from other countries to keep its recycling plants going. Less than 1 per cent of Swedish household waste was sent to landfill since 2011 because Swedish families are so good at recycling waste.
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Lawyer pajamas



Kasey in Bellville

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