Sunday, December 18, 2016


At first I objected, but ended up being grateful, that the Judge imposed a seven second delay apparatus on my mouth.

Memories.  Wrecked my kitchen this morning but I still know how to make delicious pancakes. Recalled the two different reactions from my wife.  Delight about the food, disdain for what I did to her kitchen.

Finally!  A little break from obscurity. My blog has been voted the #1 fake news source in Sealy.

Congress introduces Trump endorsed bill to make it a felony to teach the concept of peace to anyone under age 21.

Donald's team working on spectacular television reality game show to determine who we go to war with.  Ratings will be HUGE. It's a series. Working title? "Who do we bomb this week?"

We have not heard the daily briefings .  So we don't really know.  Maybe SNL DOES pose more of a threat to our security than Russia.  

It's settled science now.  Politicians appearing on Dancing With the Stars is a known threat to our security around the world.

Congress introduces bill to make it a felony to teach the concept of peace to anyone under age 21.

Donald orders the Title to "War and Peace" be changed to "War".

It took us a long time to develop fruit that produces seeds that will not reproduce the fruit.  My question is "why?"



"Lunch angel" pays off balances of lunches at Katy ISD

An anonymous donor paid off the balances of the free and reduced lunch program for students at Katy ISD.

Free Cash in Finland. Must Be Jobless.


Finland will soon hand out cash to 2,000 jobless people, free of bureaucracy or limits on side earnings. The idea, universal basic income, is gaining traction worldwide.


Scientific Reports Confirm Catastrophic Climate Change

by jonathanturley
There are new reports confirming not only climate change but escalating losses of arctic ice. US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s annual Arctic report card has found that this is the hottest year on record in the Arctic and it is now twice as fast as any other place on Earth.Another international study found that the rapid loss of glaciers is caused by climate change to a certainty of 99 percent.



The extinction crisis is far worse than you think -
Frogs, coral, elephants -- all are on the brink. Three quarters of species could disappear. Why is this happening? CNN explores an unprecedented global crisis.


China Agrees to Return Seized Drone, Ending Standoff, Pentagon Says


China's seizure of the American underwater drone off the Philippines raised tensions between the countries as a new president prepared to take power.




Cost of Solar Power Dropping Globally As “The World’s Cheapest Energy”

by jonathanturley
earth-screensaver_largeThere is a hopeful report out this week that the cost of solar energy has dropped so dramatically that it is not cheaper than wind power in emerging markets like China and India. Indeed, Popular Mechanics is now calling solar energy the "cheapest energy" option. In Chile, electricity is being produced by solar power for $29.10 per megawatt hour–half the price of power produced by coal. These countries are seeing the benefits in the investment into alternative energy sources in both cost and the environment. The pledge of the Trump Administration to expand drilling and "clean coal" use runs against the trend in other countries.


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