Sunday, December 25, 2016

busted driving under the influence of caffeine?


It's not rocket science.  If everyone else would be happier, YOU would be happier ...'cause it would just be a better world.

With Trump as President, there is sure to be a war.  But it might just be with Saturday Night Live and Newspapers. I need to relax a little.

World leaders clamoring for Trump to lead symposium on humility and caring for others. Trump says "wait for the book".


Christmas. My daughter and I are trying to figure out if we should go help in a soup kitchen....or go eat at one.



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Bryce Johannes
Bryce Johannes, Exploring lesser known histories in search of a brighter future
Thank you Ad Huikeshoven for posing this question and giving the Quora community a chance to explore what on the surface seems like a simple question.  Where else but Quora could even simple questions bring up interesting ideas?

George Washington became President in 1789 after a new constitution was ratified.  But the United States declared itself independent in 1776 and was recognized so in 1783.  There were many unheralded men who served as President before George Washington.

When you ask wikipedia who the "real" first president was you get this page:

In November 1781, [John] Hanson became the first President of the Continental Congress to be elected for an annual term as specified in the Articles of Confederation,[3] although Samuel Huntington and Thomas McKean had served in that office after the ratification of the Articles.

Using the 1776 date, one might also argue for John Hancock, who was President of the Continental Congress in 1776.  Using the 1783 (September 3) date instead one gets Elias Boudinot.

Even if you look at the 1789 presidency, one should probably give shared credit to Alexander Hamilton as the first President. While George Washington focused on the role of Head of State, Hamilton ran the country as Head of Government, for the first three administrations (Washington's first two terms plus Adams's term). Much of this time Hamilton operated from his private law office, having left the Congress during the middle of his reign. He even positioned himself as head of the army. It was only by pushing his power too far (most notably with the Alien and Sedition Acts) that he lost his power, otherwise he likely would have continued for several 
more terms.


Best friends


My niece has spent her life helping others, just not in the U.S.  so much.


Bianca V


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