Friday, December 30, 2016

on-line doctor

Trump Education Reforms announced.  Bragging will now be taught in all public schools beginning in pre-K and will be elevated to a Science.

I just entered a raffle to have lunch with  Kellyanne Conway at a notoriously bad restaurant. No worries.  She will convince the winner the food is great and all will be well.

Evidence that our third world classification is around the corner is a current toilet paper television commercial touting its use allows the wearing of your underwear a second day without washing.

Sigh. I hit ONE wrong button on my tv remote a hour ago.  Half my office now at my home with day long phone call with Direct TV to reprogram my remote. Shoot me.

Exciting times ahead. We've never before had a President that knows more than the experts in every field.

I trust you. DM me for my passwords. I am NOT George Kastanza. 

Working on my "Go Fund Me" so people can contribute on my quest to reupholster the leather seats on my airplane.  Fingers crossed! 

Paid $40 to go to one of those fancy on-line doctors for my cold/flu problem. Internet is great!  Very, very realistic.  There was a 2.5 hour wait.



Pretty sure my new decorators just gave up.


Sixth Circuit Rules That Police Were Justified In Shooting Barking Dog During Raid

by jonathanturley
us-courtofappeals-6thcircuit-sealThe United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has handed down a major ruling that will likely shock many dog owners.  Judge Eric Clay wrote the opinion that police can legally shoot and kill any dog that is barking at them during a raid.  Since this is a common response to intruders, it would mean that police have virtually complete discretion to kill dogs during raids.  The case is Brown v. Battle Creek Police Dep't2016 FED App. 0293P (6th Cir.).

Pretty soon homeowner's liability insurance will be liable for nothing so we won't even need it. Premiums should tank.....but they won't.

Illinois Supreme Court Rules That Home Owners Are Not Liable In Slip-and-Fall Lawsuits

by jonathanturley
seal_of_the_supreme_court_of_illinoisshoveled_sidewalk_after_february_2013_noreaster_walden_nyThere was an interesting ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court this month on the interpretation of a 1979 state law governing slip-and-fall lawsuits. It is commonly understood that homeowners are legally required to clear their walks of snow and ice.  As a native Chicagoan, this lesson was engrained into me to the point that my kids mock me for shoveling the driveway even when the roads are impassable.  I was raised that an uncleared driveway was a matter of public shame.  Now, however, couch potatoes can rejoice.  The Court has held that  the Snow and Ice Removal Act shields property owners from liability if someone gets hurt. Of course, the snow or ice must be due to natural conditions.  The case is Murphy-Hylton v. Lieberman Mgmt. Servs., 2016 IL 120394.






Halliburton $100M Settlement Would End 14 Years of Litigation | Daily ...

23 hours ago - Halliburton Co. agreed to a $100 million securities fraud settlement in a case brought by Boies Schiller & Flexner.


Manchester by the Sea
This is Casey Affleck’s movie. There is an able cast of Kyle Chandler, Michelle Williams, and Lucas Hedges, but Affleck’s Lee Chandler is by far the dominant character who reluctantly becomes the guardian of a teenage nephew after the death of his father.
Affleck makes the most of this acting opportunity as crazy Uncle Lee and will be a contender for Best Actor. He plays a plumber/handyman who has “issues” and is called back home to Manchester when his brother (Kyle Chandler) suddenly dies from heart disease.
The teenager is skillfully played by Lucas Hedges whose resume includes parts in “Moonrise Kingdome” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” so keep your eye on this young star as he has big things ahead of him.
There’s some Oscar buzz for Michelle Williams as Best Supporting Actress but her performance is just another great character in her long list of amazing acting accomplishments; not Oscar worthy. Prediction: Her awards will come from her slated performance as Janis Joplin, a movie about the legendary singer’s life.
Quick question: who or what is the connection between two of the big movies of 2016 - “Fences” and “Manchester by the Sea?” Answer: Stephen Henderson co-stars in “Fences” with much screen time, and he has a small part as Lee Chandler’s boss in this movie.
“If you’re going to freak out, every time you see a frozen chicken, then we’re going to the hospital!” Nobody said parenting was easy.
Director Kenneth Lonergan can be proud of this movie, but his strength is in his writing. This emotionally complicated and clever screenplay of a family that has struggles that an audience can understand is more likely to be nominated than his directorial skills.
The musical score of Manchester is intriguing and appropriately eerie, sad, mysterious, and uplifting when needed. Props to Canadian Lesley Barber.
Many will find this movie too depressing and lacking of joy and humor; count me in. This film is a good example of “life is difficult.”
 However, just when the mood was dragging, Ferris Bueller aka Matthew Broderick, showed up in a small part. Insert inappropriate smiles here.
“At least she’s not drinking or in a psyche ward…you know Catholics are Christians, too….”
Lonergan has created an outstanding piece of movie-making that is not a feel-good movie for the masses. If you’ve seen all the other “must see” flicks, then those of you who like a Boston/Manchester accent should put this on your list. Rock ‘n Roll.
Grade 89. Larry H.


A tour of Newman's Castle |
12 mins ago - ... might experience when you go for a tour of Newman's Castle in Bellville, ... BreakingNews WATCH LIVE: 'Eagle cam' streaming Florida bald ...


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