Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rod Serling

Trump reveals his shock and awe plan to "tweet" our enemies into surrendering.

Just a rumor.  On day one, Trump expected to order the IRS to take 8 years to complete his tax audit.

Trump just announced a great reward to those who attend his inauguration.  We hear it's a 10% discount at his hotels!


Is the punishment too severe for us having elected a black President?

Estate Sale of Joe Jamail, Prominent Texas Attorney

I didn't go. Did you?



Westin Builds Hotel Next To Austin Music Center . . . Then Charges That Music Is A Nuisance

by jonathanturley
thth-1There is an interesting case out of Austin Texas that raises the now defunct "coming to the nuisance" doctrine.  There was a time that a defendant could move to dismiss a nuisance case on the basis that the plaintiff moved to the existing nuisance only to challenge it in court.  That doctrine fell into disfavor, but there continue to be cases where the underlying rationale seems compelling. Take the Westin in Austin.  The company built a large hotel right next to the  Nook Amphitheater -- a huge draw in the city for music.  The hotel then objected to . . . you guessed it . . . the music.  The hotel is seeking to enjoin the music as harming their business.


The Stanford team will face North Carolina in the Sun Bowl on Friday.
A Majority Agreed She Was Raped by a Stanford Football Player. That Wasn't Enough.


Stanford has an uncommonly high bar for sexual assault cases, so the player was never punished despite two panels ruling in favor of the accuser.


Saudi Arabia Reportedly Jails Man For Protesting The Mistreatment of Women In The Kingdom

by jonathanturley
125px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgSaudi Arabia flagOur close ally Saudi Arabia has again proven that it imposes the same type of extreme and arbitrary justice as nations like Iran.  The latest outrage out of the Kingdom was the jailing of a man for campaigning against the nation’s repressive state control over women. For merely speaking up for women, the man is now reportedly in jail for a year.


Duterte Brags About Throwing Criminal Suspect From A Helicopter

by jonathanturley
We have previously discussed the total meltdown in the Philippine's with the election of Rodrigo Duterte, a man whose hostility toward civil liberties is match only by the uncertainty over his sanity. rodrigo_duterte_and_laotian_president_bounnhang_vorachith_croppedWe have previously discussed Duterte's foul-mouthed tenure in office, including profanities directed at the Pope, President Obama, and anyone else objecting to his evisceration of human rights and the rule of law. Recently Duterte bragged about how he personally murdered suspects as an example for police who were a bit more reluctant to engage in extrajudicial murders. Now, Duterte has bragged that he personally threw suspect to his death from a helicopter.  Duterte continues to brag about his extrajudicial murders but there remains no action taken against him.


As Chicago Murder Rate Spikes, Many Fear Violence Has Become Normalized


Activists are despairing over the ceaseless bloodshed in Chicago, where more than 750 people were murdered in 2016, a 58 percent increase.





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