Saturday, December 3, 2016


Like Trump, I am a law and order man. Like Trump, this only applies to the laws I like. For instance, re-count laws are bad and should never be used.

Booked a room in the new Trump Hotel his daughter is building in Taiwan. Phone call make sense now?

Exciting times ahead. We've never had a President that openly said he loves debt. PLUS a special affinity for the uneducated. Finally! Nothing can go wrong.

Our new kid on the block has a big weakness world leaders know about. He cannot resist someone important kissing his ass. It's just not in his DNA. He thinks it's his God given right. He NEEDS the adulation. Poor people? No use for them, he's dealt with them all his life and he's busy growing up and making more money than they do.

No one criticized the Obama administration or said anything disrespectful.  My guess is that we will probably continue that 8 year tradition....even before criticism is made illegal.

My new computer chair for home arrived via Amazon practically already assembled. Kudos to China for finally understanding my limitations.

Secret revealed. Wanna talk directly to a President? Indicate you wanna say something nice about him. He can't resist.

If you don't like Trump, blame the swamp people you kept re-electing to Washington.  They trained him it's not what you do, it's what you SAY you will do that ropes the American people in.

Taiwan leader opens door for other leaders to engage amateur President. World pranking us? New television concept?

No public service ever.   Now other world leaders are considering pranking us.

Cold and damp weather. Great. Said no old person ever.

If it's posted on Facebook many, many will believe it and repost it. P.S. I'm six feet tall, young and handsome.

I think I started liking Trump when I realized we have so much in common.  For instance, he and I  have more humility than anyone else in America, hell, probably in the history of  the world.



Michael T. Slager, right, a former police officer in North Charleston, S.C., arrived at the courthouse in Charleston on Friday for his murder trial.
Jury Appears One Vote Short of Convicting Ex-Police Officer in Walter Scott's Death


"I cannot in good conscience consider a guilty verdict," one juror wrote the judge in the trial of Michael T. Slager. Deliberations are to resume Monday.

Trump Speaks With Taiwan's Leader, an Affront to China


The president-elect spoke by phone with the president of Taiwan in the first such contact since the United States severed diplomatic relations with the island.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
President Obama Is Handing a Strong Economy to His Successor


Employers in the United States added 178,000 workers last month, while the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in more than nine years.

As was the case many times on the campaign trail, Trump's presentation of facts requires some context. Here's a look at the President-elect's Thursday night speech.  Read More →


Yuri Gripas/AFP/Getty Images
Clinton Popular Vote Lead, Over 2 Million

But don't expect electors to change votes or for the Electoral College to go away.


BlackLivesMatter sign
You debase yourselves if you let this man walk free.
Read more →

While I like this picture, the better picture would have been of me demonstrating to her the pose I wanted.

I just love the way photographers can nowadays make anyone look better.  For instance, you cannot tell in this picture that Fred was feeling bloated that day.


Downtown Sealy on this Saturday night.  NOW do you understand why this town might be too wild for me?


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