Saturday, January 21, 2017

150,000 women - He does NOT care

150,000 women protestors in Washington do not realize Trump has the codes, and has not read the constitution.

Proud to be an American and witness peaceful transfer of power.  President Trump, use your deal making skills on Congress and get us term limits, quickly and bigly, a cheaper, better health plan (perhaps as good as Congress has?), and stop Congress from weakening ethics watchdog. Congress: Do your duty and file impeachment articles today against our maniacal lying President.

Executive Order. Trump claims patriotic songs too long, no body knows all the words, and orders them shortened to one verse. #notafanoftheartsparticularlyasdepictedonPBS
Facebook. I'm so happy everyone is on pins and needles waiting for a thought to enter my mind, or my opinion on anything, or to learn what I'm eating.  Please know the interest is mutual.  It just makes me all a twitter.

All of Trump's divorced wives will have their own wing in his Presidential Library. Historical First.  The religious right want our children to learn these things.

Inauguration Day.  Why do I kinda have the same feeling today like I did on 911?

Why do I feel like I am being compelled to attend Trump University?

Let's see Melania is now our First Lady, Ivana our First Ex, and Marla our First Second Ex.  Do I have that right?

Proud of Trump's behavior at White House just now. He didn't grab Michelle.  Off to a good start!

Pretty sure he knows that he's not popular, and the only way to unite us is he will have to scare us into a war.  Hope I'm wrong.  But he has always been only a businessman and war IS our biggest business and what we are known for all over the world.

"Best speech", "worse speech" lot of opinions offered by people who have never read any speeches before.

Trump upset church service seemed to implicate that God is more perfect. Calls it Fake News and predicts church will go out of business soon.



Proud to be an American and witness peaceful transfer of power.  President Trump, use your deal making skills on Congress and get us term limits, quickly and bigly, a cheaper, better health plan (perhaps as good as Congress has?), and stop Congress from weakening ethics watchdog. Congress: Do your duty and file impeachment articles today against our maniacal lying President.


More than Three Hundred Million Americans Now Enrolled in Trump University



Keep Track of the Texas Legislature
If you are interested in following specific legislation, visit Texas Legislature Online (TLO). TLO is a comprehensive public resource that enables users to search for bills, create personal bill tracking lists, and view committee information and calendars. TLO also includes bill information from previous sessions and helpful resources, such as the Texas statutes.


Scott Pruitt arriving for his confirmation hearing to be administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday.
Trump Nominees Make Clear Plans to Sweep Away Obama Policies


Over two weeks of hearings, Donald J. Trump's cabinet picks have strongly embraced a deeply conservative approach to governing.

Jerry Hartfield in a prison outside Gatesville, Texas, in 2012.
'Justice Nightmare': 32 Years in Texas Prisons After Conviction Voided


The case of a man not officially guilty of anything, not officially sentenced to anything, yet languishing for decades behind bars.


Steven Mnuchin testified Thursday before the Senate Finance Committee during his confirmation hearing as Treasury secretary.
Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Nominee, Failed to Disclose $100 Million in Assets


Mr. Mnuchin, who is testifying before the Senate Finance Committee, also did not list his role as a director of an investment fund in the Cayman Islands on a questionnaire.


Supporters embraced the welcome event for President-elect Donald J. Trump on Thursday at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.
Toby Keith and Trump Light Up a Lower-Wattage Concert


This year's preinaugural concert in Washington may not be like star-studded affairs of the past, but supporters say they don't care.



by jonathanturley
donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedAs I discussed in my column yesterday, I stayed at home today to watch the inauguration with my kids and to celebrate America's 71st time that a democratically elected president has taken the oath of office (and our 58th formal inauguration). While my brother and family from Chicago went to the Mall to protest, we raised a toast to the country and the new president for the future. On this day, we celebrate a constitutional system that has weathered wars, depression, social unrest and every type of national crisis. Yet, it (and we) remain. There are many constitutions that are more poetic in language or detailed in powers, but none has the record of this amazing document. It is the common article of faith of a free people and today's ceremony represented our commitment to a nation governed by a free people.


I bitch a lot. But my real life is kinda unbelievable.   Buffalo Wine Bar.  I just never stay any place long enough to wear out my welcome. It's my secret to gettng bye.



by jonathanturley
margaretanjourichard_iii_earliest_surviving_portraitAs I have previously discussed, my house is hosting over a dozen family and friends who have come from around the country to join the protests today as part of the "Women's March" in Washington. We know at least a dozen more local friends attending. I will not be one of them as I explained earlier. I did note that, when I dropped off my brother Chris and his family this morning, the metro in McLean seemed much more crowded than it did yesterday for the Inauguration. Having spent a few days with protesters and celebrants at the Inauguration, I am struck by how hardened both sides are toward each other . . . and dismissive of the operative facts underlying this election. Both sides seem unwilling to recognize the flaws in their past positions while grotesquely distorting their view of the other side. It reminds me of Richard III and the advice of the Queen Mother, Margaret, on how to learn to hate as she sought to "teach thee how to curse." It is simple, she explains, just "Think that thy babes were sweeter than they were, And he that slew them fouler than he is."



Did The Trump Team Really Want Tanks And Missile Launchers On Parade Before The White House

by jonathanturley
2015_moscow_victory_day_parade_-_01donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedAfter toasting President Trump and his Administration the best for a successful term of office, it did not take long to find my first criticism (about the same time as his predecessor). I was appalled to hear after the Inauguration that the Trump team wanted to have tanks and missile launchers added to the Inaugural parade like some homage to the North Korean "Dear One." As someone who is an admitted die-hard traditionalist, I was truly shocked by the effort. I was in utter disbelief that the Trump team would want such an image -- and a departure from our long-standing tradition. I still hope that this report is false because it would show a stunning lack of perspective and judgment. However, I have not been able to determine if the story is true. It appears based on one source and one site has pulled back from the initial story which appeared on Huffington Post and MSNBC.


President Trump signed an executive order in the Oval Office on Friday.
Trump Issues Executive Order Scaling Back Parts of Obamacare


The one-page order, which the newly inaugurated president signed in a hastily arranged Oval Office ceremony, did not specify which aspects of the health care law it was targeting.



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