Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I'm going to miss us when we are gone.

Even before repealing Obamacare, they repealed ethics mechanism?  Turns out most Americans #1 worry was that our Congressman would get caught cheating. #Swampdrain?



Around 2008, I traveled to Costa Rica for photo shoots.  Brought my own models.  I forget why I quit doing that.


Gen. James N. Mattis, center, with two of his commanders in Iraq in 2003. When a prisoner was brutalized and died at a detention center there that year, he convened an inquiry and banned the harsh techniques used at the prison.
Inside Trump Defense Secretary Pick's Efforts to Halt Torture


James N. Mattis, a retired general, has long been an outspoken critic of torture. His handling of the death of a prisoner that occurred on his watch during the Iraq war reflects his views.


Top 1% . kasey and kids - this is what happens in America.  Disproportionate cutness possessed by too few famalies. 


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