Friday, January 13, 2017


Bribing one corporation at a time will be very time consuming. America has many corporations.
Anyone expecting Donald to tweet that he would have fulfilled his promise to release his tax returns....if he had lost?

Have tweets critical of Trump become a crime yet?

Congress does so many sneaky things at night, it's getting hard to get a good nights sleep.

Poor scheduling of my six months check up with my doctor. Happy Friday the 13th.

I think part of our discontent in this country is that everything is illegal....including, and often especially, the pursuit of happiness.

I'm not going to lie to you, since we have made everything a crime, it's a great time to be a lawyer. And having a new President that LOVES civil litigation, doesn't hurt my profession.

Join me in my Go Fund Account to hire our new President a speech writer.  We are going to miss Presidential speeches about us and others. Four years of Presidential speeches only about how "great" he is will become really tiresome.

1400 new bills introduced in Texas Legislature so far.  Laws, I'm sure, that we have lived without for hundreds of years, but can no longer do so.  Like the bathroom bill.


Nothing better than appreciative clients.  Especially if they are willing to go public with their gratitude.


Attorney General Ken Paxton's trial on fraud charges to begin May 1Paxton is accused of misleading investors in a company from before his time as Texas’ top law enforcement official. His trial is scheduled to start on May 1, according to a recent court order. Jury selection will be held in late April.



Bills Filed
Members of the 85th Legislature began filing bills on November 14, 2016. Over 1,400 bills and resolutions have been filed to date.



 AT&T Chief Visits Trump With Time Warner Deal Looming Large


The president-elect's dispute with CNN, a Time Warner asset, makes for a delicate meeting.


14-Year-Old African-American Girl Charged In Sending Fake KKK Tweet To High School

by jonathanturley
400px-arundelhighschoolThe entire community surrounding Arundel High School was traumatized recently when an anonymous person posted a tweet threatening that “We’re planning to attack tomorrow”. What made the tweet particularly menacing was the Twitter account: @KoolkidsKlanKkk. Police launched a full-fledged investigation and has now charged a 14-year-old African-American girl with sending a threatening tweet related to Arundel High School.

My granddaughter Sydni


Obama “First Dog” Bites Visitor In White House

by jonathanturley
13508869_1225253070879655_7578993382388982682_nFinally, a case that joins my two legal loves: constitutional law and torts. This week, the White House was the scene of one of the most common torts in the country after the first dog, Sunny, bit a tourist in the White House. The female Portuguese Water Dog left a serious gash under the eye of the 18-year-old visitor.



Illinois Man Sues Over Arrest for Flag Burning

by jonathanturley
1414249_1280x720We previously discussed the case of Bruyton Mellott who was arrested after posting online pictures of himself burning an American flag has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to have the state's flag desecration law declared unconstitutional. The 22-year-old the Wal-Mart employee was charged with flag desecration despite two Supreme Court cases clearly saying that such an act is constitutionally protected. After various experts (including myself) said that the arrest was unconstitutional, the charges were dropped, but Mellott is now suing. The lawsuit may force legislator to confront the fact that they have continued a facially unconstitutional law on their books because they fear the political backlash if they comply with long-standing Supreme Court precedent.
jonathanturley | 1, January 13,




Suit claims arrests over social media posts and rap lyrics violated First Amendment rights

Jan 13, 2017, 7:00 am CST


On-hold callers may not become lawyers' clients, study suggests

Ringing phone
Law firms may be ruining their chances with new clients because of their telephone manners, an audio-branding firm suggests.
According to a new study released by audio-branding business PHMG, participating U.S.-based legal firms put their callers on hold for an average of 36.07 seconds—longer than the national average of 29.83 seconds. The study also found that callers are often forced to listen to silence, generic music or beeps—all things PHMG found could lead to a customer hanging up and calling a competitor. The study also found a small minority of participating firms, nine percent, bother to use an auto-attendant or answering service to greet callers outside of normal business hours.
The study was conducted by phoning U.S. companies, including law firms, and logging a number of variables, including how long it took to answer the call, how long callers were put on hold and what they heard while on hold. According to Cameron Wells Communications, which is handling public relations for the PHMG study, the overall sample for this study was 2,695 businesses.
“The research results do not reflect particularly well on the legal sector, as few firms appear to be employing a best practice approach to call handling,” said Mark Williamson, CEO of PHMG in a press release. “It’s worrying that customers are being left on hold for over 36 seconds as this can be a major irritation for customers, but what makes matters worse is that they are left in silence or listening to poor-quality music, which increases the risk of hang-ups.”
According to the study, 46 percent of legal firms leave a caller in silence while on hold, 41 percent use generic music and 13 percent use beeps. PHMG cited a prior study focusing on U.S. businesses that found that 65 percent of customers feel more valued when they get to listen to customized voice and music messages while on hold.
How much of a difference does that make? According to a separate PHMG study, a majority of callers (59 percent) refuse to do business with a company ever again if the initial call isn’t handled to their satisfaction.


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