Sunday, January 22, 2017

Former Ms Honduras

Notice to all the women across the world that protested today.  We know you didn't.  Trump told us you didn't.  Fake. Fake. Fake.  Now please tell us where you really were. #MillionsOfHusbandsWantToKnowWhereTheHellYouWereToday

670 Women's marches across the globe. Trump reportedly shocked and surprised that so many women don't really want him to grab them.

2nd Executive Order Involving the Press - Americans are no longer allowed to believe their own lying eyes whether its American Press reporting or World Press reporting.

Does anyone else feel like Trump should stop running for President? Someone slap him and convince him he won.
Scientists declare hot air coming from Trump adversely affecting climate.

I suppose in Trump's view, it's not only the American Press that is most dishonest, but it must be the WORLD press that has reported on protest demonstrations against him around the world.  I guess he might be the only honest person on the planet. #psychotic

Today's model was from Honduras (former Miss Honduras) and spoke not a word of English.  We communicated tediously through Google translator app.

Now we know what "shock and awe" feels like.


Because it's too soon to call it "Trump Day":

Declaring a National Day of Patriotism was among Donald Trump's first acts as president of the United States, press secretary Sean Spicer said on Twitter.


Jessica (former Ms Honduras)



Because it's too soon to call it Trump Day

Trump to proclaim National Day of Patriotism, spokesman says

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