Sunday, January 15, 2017

Protesters Prevent Free Speech

Instead of us going to war to prove to the world what a brave man he is, can we just allow him ONE time to pull out his junk and show it to us?  You know he wants to.  Pretty sure he's seen Putin's.

Last President = 45th = President Whackadoodle =  Don't you hope he doesn't marry his daughter in the White House?

I would talk to you but now that I am getting a Harvard education in photography, I try not to talk to non-ivy league people.

Poor Obama.  I am afraid he will go down in history as trying to help the less fortunate in America.  But Now.  NOW we will stand for the proposition that billionaires have rights too!!  It's just been too long that the rich have been neglected.  Even poor white people were getting fed up with how poorly America was treating its billionaires. Why Trump's children even had to leave America to shoot elephants and rhino's.

Hurry up Donald.  Scare us into war. Bomb somebody. Anybody.  Why not Switzerland?  I think they are laughing at you!

I'm not running for anything. So I don't need your vote.  I'm just happy to be living in a country where I am free to bitch about my President.  At least until January 20th.





Protesters Succeed In Preventing Conservative Speakers From Appearing At The University of California At Davis

by jonathanturley
the_university_of_california_davis-svgWe have been discussing the largely successful efforts by students and faculty to prevent certain conservative speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos from being able to speak on campuses. The latest such example is University of California at Davis where protesters succeeded in preventing fellow students and faculty from hearing Yiannopoulos. There is one promising element to the story however. Unlike school administrators who have either supported or yielded to the "heckler's veto," Interim Chancellor Ralph Hexter denounced the effort to not only silence an opposing voice but to deny the right of others to hear that voice on campus. While the school professes "let there be light" on its seal, the school is now cloaked in a forced silence after the ignoble victory of protesters in curtailing the exercise of free speech.





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