Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Let's face it.  We have a lot to learn from Trump. Why before he came along there were only a few other males that knew the proper way to grab a woman and we couldn't really learn from them because they were all in prison. Millions of us were doing it all wrong!   At least  Trump will be on our twitter feed all the time helping us each day. #NOWIamproudtobeanAmerican

The jury got it. Found 100% for my client.  It was totally unnecessary for them to add that they unanimously would like to whip my ass.



In a free society....


Health Scare Scratches Charles Manson from Trump’s List of Supreme Court Picks




The Washington Post and The Crackdown On Fake News: Recent Controversy Raises Question Of How Alleged “Fake News” Will Be Sanctioned

by jonathanturley
220px-Washington_Post_buildingWe have been discussing the crackdown on "fake news," including my view that this has become the latest rationale for various countries to rollback on free speech, including most recently top lawyers in Italy. Leaders who have long fought to curtail free speech may have found the perfect vehicle to convince citizens to voluntarily surrender their right to free speech, even celebrate its passing. It is all being done in the name of “truth”, which apparently can only be found on the other side of the criminalization of speech. The debacle at the Washington Post over the false Russian hacking of the U.S. electricity grid highlights the problem with how these governments will choose between those publications deemed criminally false and those deemed merely recklessly unproven. No one is suggesting that the Washington Post would be sanctioned for this story, though some see a deeper failure in how the Post handled the controversy. I am actually sympathetic with the error, which can happen with the best of journalists. In today's fast pace toward publications, errors can occur despite efforts to confirm sources and facts. My interest in how to distinguish between the Posts and other publications or sites. In the last few weeks, the suggestion is that governments should move against publications or sites that they deem peddlers of false news. The incident with the Post raises the question how and when government would use this new power.
jonathanturley | 1, January 5, 2

“They’re Young Adults. And They Make Stupid Decisions”: White Victim Tortured On Film In Chicago As Assailments Scream “F–k White People” and “F–k Trump”

by jonathanturley
chicago-victimFour men have been arrested after the filming of a young white man being tortured as what appears to be black assailants shout "f--k white people" and "F--k Donald Trump." While the assailants appear African American as well as the woman filming the disgusting video, the police refused to release the race of the arrested individuals or say whether this appears to be a hate crime. There has also been no statement from the Justice Department or agents dispatched to the Chicago to open a duel federal investigation as was the case in racially charged crimes in places like Ferguson, Missouri. The response from the local commander in Chicago is particularly curious.



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